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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2020 1st Year Analyst Dallas Generalist Great culture! Amazing work life balance, everyone cares… Some of the project flow is from small companies.Alumni…
2020 Senior Consultant New York Generalist The company has some really smart home-grown people that… Lack of flexibility / choices around staffing,…
2018 1st Year Analyst Wanchai Generalist Pretty good company culture with fast growth over the past… Long hours, sometimes the staffer cannot cater to everyone…
2019 Associate Consultant Generalist Strong culture, good offsite, diverse industry coverage,… Compensation lower than competitors in the region…
2020 2nd Year Analyst New York Generalist Great people and exciting work being done. Opportunity to… Hours are bad. Need to be proactive about deciding where…
2017 2nd Year Analyst New York Generalist Generalist experience at Oliver Wyman gave me the hard and… Oliver Wyman has a heavy mix of risk / financial services…
2019 2nd Year Analyst Generalist - Great culture, colleagues become best friends
- Interesting projects (e.g. strategy, greenfield) are not…
2020 2nd Year Analyst New York Generalist Great people, interesting work, and lots of flexibility.… Long hours despite a lot of handwaving about work life…
2019 Intern Toronto Generalist Great team, was very happy that I got exposure into… Honestly was super happy my time there, and thoroughly…
2020 1st Year Analyst San Francisco Management Consulting not sure - starting next month. so i cant really say but i… not sure - starting next month. seems like travel is…
2020 Consultant New York Generalist Very strong culture. You become friends with your project… Not a significant amount of diversity (read: almost none)…
2019 2nd Year Analyst Toronto Generalist Travel perks were amazing; 3rd location travel policy over… Travel was a double edged sword; at times felt as though…
2019 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist Great people, amazing culture. Not cutthroat at all… Shitty projects, lots of financial services implementation…
2020 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist Love the travel, team is global, respectful of work life… Typical consulting hours, sometimes things can get hectic…
2019 Consultant Dubai Generalist Not much - regular consulting gigs with long hours
Long hours
Hierarchical culture
2020 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist Easy interview process, people were super helpful and open… FS focus, benefits not on par with competitors. Selective…
2018 Intern Munich Generalist There are defintely a few pros doing an internship at… There was no real on-boarding nor was there any trainging…
2019 1st Year Associate New York Generalist Extremely smart people - I have worked at other elite firms… Lack of diverse industries, uneven promotion structure,…
2017 Consultant San Francisco Generalist Super smart and (mostly) nice people.
The work was…
Some of the managers were super intense and didn't…
2019 3rd+ Year Analyst Chicago Generalist great firm and culture, comp is reasonable compared to… long hours, competitive promotions, but never a back-…
2018 1st Year Associate Toronto Strategy High Comp for Consulting
Good Work life Balance…
Lower Comp than IBD
Staffing uncertainty
2019 1st Year Associate New York Financial Sponsors It's great. People are great, work is good. Great exit… Hard work. Long hours. Lots of travel. Sometimes people don…
2018 Senior Consultant New York Mergers and Acquisitions - Many opportunities to travel internationally
- Not perceived to be in the same league as MBB
2019 1st Year Analyst Hong Kong Generalist It is a very good company with friendly culture and merit-… Brand name is still a bit weaker than MBB with less…


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