Asset Manager

Vice President
Group/Division/Type: Real Estate

Palo Alto, CA
United States

Interviewed: August 2018

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Applied Online

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4-5 months

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Phone Interview
1 on 1 Interview
IQ / Intelligence Test
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Responded to a LinkedIn job posting but also followed up with a contact within the company to help push my resume through. Started with a introductory phone interview with my potential supervisor. That lead to a face to face meeting with the supervisor. At the start it was primarily a personality position fit discussions. My background, why I was looking, why PUR etc. At that time I heard that they were pretty far down the path with another candidate, but because of my meetings as well as my internal contact "friend" they brought me in to the office for a day of face to face interviews. That day I met 6 people from analysis, asset managers, head of the group as well as my potential supervisor again. After the fact I was told I blew the other person away and that everyone I met really liked me. However my potential supervisor was hesitant.

Later I was told by others that this was not in fact the reason, it was just the person's personality. We continued to stay in touch as they were still discussing the background they were looking for. I was then told I should be receiving an offer in a few days. Then as I was expecting the offer, I was told the CEO wanted a different experience background that was different from mine. I was told he had gone back and forth as to the skill set he wanted as they had been burned in the past by not doing their true due diligence. So everything was put on hold. 3 weeks later I get a call saying if there was still interest to join PUR and if so I would meet with the COO and CEO in training. We meet and this meeting was truly a personality fit as he mentioned that my resume and experience already already covered the basic. Then got the green light, and received an offer letter a week later. Accepted and once my background check cleared, I started working with them.

Overall the people are great. I think the senior management is extremely risk adverse as they almost got burned in the last recession. So decision as slower then they need be. Staff can be overburdened because they don't want to have to pay for additional support. Work can pile up because someone is doing enough work for 2-3 people. CalPers is their biggest investor and the priority to to keep them happy even if it causes the PUR employees to go stir crazy.

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