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Our Traders
Our traders do not fit any real mold. Some are very large and many more are niche traders. They concentrate on market making and arbitrage opportunities with sound risk reward payoffs. They are experienced traders who have gained market experience from a large variety of sources. At one time, they found themselves in a position where their needs were not met, either operationally or financially. They require a well experienced, well capitalized proprietary shop that is willing to work with them to exploit market circumstances. Prime is a company where professional traders go to get the best after tax benefit to them without sacrificing the support they need.

Our Management
Prime has grown steadily for over 20 years. Over the years, we have promoted from within, offering partnership participation to the department heads that have proved to deliver what the traders need over a long period of time. Each discipline within the firm is headed by a partner with a vested interest in your success. When you have a problem to address, whether it be operational or strategic, you will be taking it up with a partner who cares about the outcome.

The management of our firm can be categorized into the following disciplines:

CEO administration
Risk Management
Accounting and Finance
Regulation and Compliance



111 Broadway Fl 6
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