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Quasar Trading is a registered broker-dealer and member of the Chicago Board of Options Stock Exchange (CBSX). The firm is based on Wall Street, NY and our core mission is to provide our proprietary traders with and edge to compete in the market trading arena.

Trading Experience
The founders of Quasar Trading are seasoned traders with a long history of successful trading experience. They have brought together an extraordinary team of market professionals and software programers to deliver reliable solutions and superior technology for professional traders.

Advanced Trading Technology & Solutions
Quasar takes pride in staying in front of and on the cutting edge of enhanced trader software technology. Their exclusive selection of trader automation technology and software enhancements surpass most of the competition and deliver results that are customized to the trader's preference and style. With the implementation of black/grey box technology and trading platform enhancements, Quasar traders are able to improve their performance beyond their expectations.



2 Wall Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10005
United States

United States

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