1st Year Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Credit Risk

Miami, FL 33181
United States

Interviewed: April 2015

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First step was a phone interview which lasted about 20-30 minutes with basic elevator questions. At the end of the call the in person interview was set up. In person interview was one day with two interviews. First was an interview with middle management and second interview was with an executive. Both interviews were 1 on 1 and the first interview was about time spent at university. Questions were very basic and not complex, interview was very informal. Second interview (with executive) was informal as well but more on a personal level. He was eating for most of the interview (I assumed this was some sort of mind game at the time). His questions were geared more toward who I was as a person... What extracurricular activities was I involved in, was I a member of a fraternity? Was I involved in any charity work? What are my hobbies? Was I an athlete in high school or college? He wanted the responses to be very brief and direct, no beating around the bush. The culture in the office was very laid back. No one was wearing suits and the office wasn't the nicest I had ever seen. There was a sales room adjacent to the office so it was very hectic and loud at times while I was in the waiting area. Almost all of the employees were young and did not look to have much experience in the industry. After the interview I was given a tour of the offices (one office building with multiple offices on different floors) and was thanked for my time and left. A few hours later I sent a thank you email to the two people I interviewed with asking for a timeline on a response. A few days later I received a call and was extended an offer. My advice to other interview candidates is to be as real as possible because they can see right through your bs. It is ok to be nervous but the one most important piece of advice when interviewing with executives or senior level management is to not be ashamed to not know an answer. They will appreciate you not wasting their time rather than trying to reach for an answer they've already figured out you don't know. If you're asked a question you don't know the answer to just say "I don't have the answer but I will be sure to look into it and email it to you". The job seemed to be a good first step to get in at the ground level and build some experience because landing jobs straight out of college in this industry is very difficult especially in the southeastern market.

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