1st Year Analyst

1st Year Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Program Management Group

Stamford, CT
United States

Interviewed: October 2019

Overall experience




General Interview Information


No Offer

Interview Source

Applied Online

Length of Process

1-2 months

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?
Phone Interview
Group Interview
Skills Test
IQ / Intelligence Test
Personality Test
Please describe the interview / hiring process.
Applied on the company's website for the specific role. Received an invitation to complete an online numerical reasoning test. After passing this test went on to next round of virtual video interview consisting of competency assessment.
About a month later received an email from the hiring manager to schedule a 30 min phone interview with himself and a colleague. Mostly behavioral questions: "Walk me through your resume" "Why this role", etc. Had the opportunity to ask interviewers about the role and company culture.
The phone interview was on a Thursday, heard back the following Monday moving me forward to the in-person interview for the same week. Came in that Friday and had two rounds of about an hour each with two employees in each round. Very good interview with friendly people. Again mostly behavioral, personal motivation and some questions asking to explain the nature of the team and business. Some trick behavioral questions of the type: "What superpower would you choose?", "Dogs or Cats?".
Was walked out by hiring manager and had a very friendly chat about other things not related to work/the interview.
Heard back about 2 weeks later that I was not moved forward. I believe that it was the final round

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