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RS Platou is a leading international ship- and offshore broking company established in 1936. The Company serves the shipping and offshore industry worldwide by providing services within chartering, sale and purchase and contracting of ships and offshore units. Further, the Company provides investment banking services and project financing with a core focus on the shipping and offshore industries. The core services are complemented by a variety large number of quality research material and market reports provided by the economic research group and the research analyst within the investment bank (see description of our subsidiaries and business areas under “Business Areas"). The Company’s head office is in Oslo. RS Platou is also present in Singapore, Aberdeen, London, Houston, Moscow, Accra, Cape Town, Rio de Janerio, Shanghai, Piraeus, Geneva, Dubai, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and New York. The Group has approximately 350 employees worldwide.


410 Park Avenue 7th floor, Suite 710 , NY
United States
80 Cheapside , London
United Kingdom

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