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Samson Capital Advisors LLC is a privately-held investment manager that specializes in the management of fixed income investments for wealthy families and their foundations, endowments and corporations. Our fixed income and currency related strategies are designed to allow our clients to preserve their wealth and enhance their domestic and global purchasing power. We are distinguished by our higher level of attention and service, and by our flexibility to meet clients’ particular investment objectives.

Samson’s customized and standard investment strategies focus on tax efficiency, real wealth preservation, and the development of non-correlated strategies built on our domestic and multicurrency expertise. Our strategies seek to enhance return vs. their benchmarks by leveraging our knowledge of the relationships between fixed income, currencies, commodities, and the inflation cycle. We actively manage over $7 billion in assets.

Our Mission: To be the premier global fixed income management boutique for affluent families and their foundations, endowments and corporations. To provide our clients with the highest quality of customized service and performance. Our culture accentuates integrity, teamwork, excellence and innovation in all that we do in order to achieve these goals.


600 Lexington Avenue, 20th Floor, 10022 NY
United States

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