Summer Analyst

at Sandler ONeill

Group/Division/Type: Investment Banking

City: New York, United States

Interviewed: January 2014

Overall experience




General Interview Information


Declined Offer

Interview Source

Employee Referral

Length of Process

3-4 months

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?

Phone Interview

Please describe the interview / hiring process.

Reached out to an associate and an MD at the firm, who put me in touch with one of the guys who runs recruiting for summer analysts. From my experience, everyone I talked to was extremely professional. Had a pretty short initial phone screen and was invited to participate in their super day. Main advice is just try to be able to show why you want to work in FIG. Sandler really tries to find people who want to work for them longer than two years.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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