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Scottwood is a value-based, long/short hedge fund that invests in debt and equity across all asset classes. The firm specializes in credit-influenced, distressed situations.
Known for delivering some of the best risk-adjusted returns on Wall Street, Scottwood Capital Management was praised as the rare hedge fund that not only generated alpha, but was also non-correlated to the markets.
With an investment team of stellar analysts and traders, for ten years Scottwood posted an average of 12% net gains per year with little of the volatility or drawdowns experienced by most other fund managers. Scottwood, run by Edward Perlman, gained recent attention when it decided to give all its clients' money back at the height of the firm's success, an action not often seen in the hedge fund industry. Scottwood today no longer accepts investor funds, but rather is run as a family office by Mr. Perlman. Many of the world's best fund managers have followed in the same path.



Greenwich, CT
United States

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