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SGA provides corporate development services to private equity investors and natural resource companies. Origination of investment opportunities, business development and capital markets activities are at our core. SGA activities complement managers seeking access to markets, deeper penetration into existing markets or capital. Generally, SGA efforts revolve around three specific initiatives:

Originating appropriate specific target opportunities
Developing capital structure/strategy and raising funds at the operating company level - including "private to public" as well as "public to private" activities
Implementation process for companies becoming "listed" on numerous stock exchanges - The Americas
The SGA culture is one of full appreciation for operations and the efficient execution of a well thought plan. Success always comes down to hard work, performed intelligently and efficiently. Productivity is the heart of the matter. We excel at creating bridges across markets and geographies by matching clever ideas with smart capital.

The current economic cycle is presenting numerous management and advisory opportunities to us. These challenging times call for experienced and judicious leadership.



320 Jackson Hill Street, Suite 156
Houston, TX 77007
United States

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Shelton Graham Associates


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