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At Smith Hanley we take a focused view of recruiting. Since opening our doors in 1980, we’ve concentrated on just a few key industries and a few specific functional areas. We’ve dedicated ourselves to knowing these areas inside and out. We’ve focused on finding the perfect fit between clients and candidates for highly specialized positions within those highly specialized industries.
From the inception of a search to its successful outcome we strive to make the recruiting process seamless.
For Our Clients:
We are committed to knowing you, our client. Because we’re established experts in your field, we focus all our efforts on learning more about your specific business, your company’s culture and your position requirements. It’s how we find the perfect fit for the highly specialized positions within your highly specialized industry. Your niche is our niche.
For Our Candidates:
We’re equally committed to knowing our candidates. We become coaches in your success. A resume doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s why we take the time to discover your capabilities, strengths, goals, and interests. It is only through understanding your long-term career path that we can confidently find the right fit with the right employer. And when the fit is right, everyone succeeds.


107 JOHN STREET , Second Floor, 06890 CT
United States
200 W. MADISON, SUITE 2110, 60606 IL
United States
United States

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