Strategic Development Associate

1st Year Associate

New York, NY
United States

Interviewed: October 2012

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1 on 1 Interview
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I applied for this job on our on-campus recruiting career services website. The job post caught my eye ("200K+ in the title") but the actual job description in the post was quite vague. The company has no website and I couldn't find anyone on linkedin either (note the company is "Spark Investment Management" NOT "Spark Capital".. i wasn't able to post under the ID "Spark Investment Capital" for some reason). All I could find is some filings info on their current investments so I assume they are legit, just very stealth. Anyway, I took the interview on campus and it did not do much to clear up my confusion. The interviewer was also very vague about the position, basically saying, "the job is what you make of it." Questions were mostly soft like "where do you see yourself in 10 years", "talk about a problem you had no experience in before you solved it" and "what is your greatest intellectual achievement". Did not get a second round.

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