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Taishan Capital Corporation is engaged in investment banking activities -- corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and project finance. We are a multinational company, with partners, advisers, and staff from the United States, Europe, China, and Asia, and an office in Beijing. Taishan Capital commenced full operations in China in 2003-4. Our authorized capital is US$10 million.

Our main specialty is arranging financing in the international capital markets. Our niche focus is transactions under US$100 million, below the usual cutoff point for most major investment banks. This, together with our unique background and experience, makes us one of the very few international class investment banks targeting China's promising smaller and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and the burgeoning Chinese private sector.

Taishan Capital's most important asset is our very special group of senior professionals. Our people are internationally recognized, highly talented, and very successful. We have headed up or held senior posts at top tier investment banks and financial institutions. We have really superb contacts --"guanxi". We have also been active in development finance, venture capital, private equity investments, fund management, and commercial banking, as well as manufacturing, industry, academia, and politics. All of us have lived and worked for many years in China and Greater China, and also in the United States, Europe, and other parts of Asia. From our varied international backgrounds and experiences comes our unusual ability to understand the needs of our clients, both Chinese and non-Chinese, and to act as a bridge between very different parts of the world.



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