Relative Value Arbitrage Trader

1st Year Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Prop Trading

United States

Interviewed: September 2014

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No Offer

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2-3 months

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Phone Interview
1 on 1 Interview
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Several long rounds of phone screens. First round consisted of general mental math and probability/math brainteasers, second round involved finance questions based on Hull (which they advise you to read all of, but you really only need the first ~10 chapters plus knowledge of the Greeks), third round was a personality test with awkward questions about your sense of morality. "Superday" was a series of interviews with different trading teams and senior firm employees, almost entirely non-technical (to my surprise) and in fact the interviews had a distinct "personality test" vibe to them once again, quite different from standard "fit" interviews at other firms. Sort of bizarre process, it's pretty rigorous but neither particularly difficult nor stressful, everyone seemed pretty nice throughout. Regarding the personality tests, they apparently reflect the (at the time) new CEO's religious beliefs, so it seems the hiring decision is at least partially based on how compatible you are with a "Christian" workplace, so it's worth keeping in mind when you're asked such questions. I still think the firm is high-quality and that they do interesting work, and would pretty highly recommend them to people looking into the Chicago prop scene. They seem to fly under the radar compared to firms of similar caliber but I genuinely think they're an excellent shop overall.

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