Investment Analyst

Group/Division/Type: Asset Management


Interviewed: October 2013

Overall experience

Very Positive



General Interview Information


Accepted Offer

Interview Source

College / University / On Campus Recruiting

Length of Process

2-3 months

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?
1 on 1 Interview
Group Interview
Please describe the interview / hiring process.
1. Recruiting is done via the University of Sydney's Recruitment agency, Sydney Talent.
i. You are to apply with a cover letter and a resume to the designated recruiter via the online application.
ii. If you are selected you are then required to interview with the recruiter - this takes around 30 minutes.
2. Following the recruiter accepting you, your name is then submitted with a group of other potential candidates to the Investment team.
3. If the investment team upon reading your cover letter/resume is satisfied you are suitable, then you sit a one-on-one interview with the Risk Officer, where the interview is largely fit, however also may incorporate elements of general finance concepts and require a demonstration of your cognitive abilities.
4. If you pass this, then you proceed to a group interview with one of the Portfolio Managers and the Chief Investment Officer, whereby you go through a similar process of behavioural/fit questions with a mix of technical questions. This is where the Portfolio Manager essentially grills you on your ability to value securities and your understanding of risk management (such as foreign currency exposure).
5. Following this you proceed to have another meeting with the same Portfolio Manager to describe the specific role of the job. This is more informal however still requires demonstration of an understanding of Security valuation, manager selection and risk management.
6. Following this you again meet with the Risk Officer for another informal interview to ensure fit.

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