2nd Year Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Oil and Gas

Houston, TX
United States

Interviewed: 2014

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Length of Process

1-2 months

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1 on 1 Interview
Group Interview
Background Check
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Initially contacted by the head of HR to 'get coffee'. This can take place either on the phone or in their office. Lasts about an hour and is a general get to know the candidate session and understand why HR is interested in you. If they are pleased, they will invite you back for another day to interview for several hours. You will meet with a multitude of people such as your future boss and their peers, your boss's boss and their peers, as well as some of members of the group that you will be working with. After this interview they will determine to extend an offer or not.

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Sales and Trading

Est Annual Revenue:

Other Interview Data

Associate (Vice President)

Goldman Sachs 2016 CHICAGO

Trader (Vice President)

HSBC 2022 New York

Vp (Vice President)

Morgan Stanley 2021 New York

Vp (Vice President)

Morgan Stanley 2021 New York

Quantitative Strategist (Vice President)

Morgan Stanley 2020 NA