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White Cap Private Equity Management, LLC is a privately-held boutique investment bank. We focus on providing advisory services with an emphasis on private placements, management buyouts, and leveraged acquisitions. Since the firm does not provide research, trading, lending or related activities, it can remain dedicated to building long-term relationships by providing conflict-free and client-focused advice. Our industry experience includes Life Sciences & Healthcare, Business & Financial Services, Communications, Consumer Products & Retail, Natural Resources & Clean Technology, Information Technology and Software, and Real Estate. The firm has developed a team of dedicated industry specialists and advisors who provide consultation on transactions on a case-by-case basis.

Recognizing that human capital is the catalyst to attracting financial capital, White Cap seeks to partner with experienced and successful management teams regardless of industry. We work alongside a diverse group of institutional investors comprising private equity and venture capital funds as well as secondary asset sources such as hedge funds, pension funds, endowments, foundations, and angel investors. The firm advises clients in structuring and arranging capital within all private equity and debt-related asset classes, including common stock, preferred stock, limited partnership interests, subordinated debt with equity conversion features, revolving lines of credit, equipment financing and senior secured debt. Capital commitments are typically within a $10 MM to $500 MM target range and may include companies operating in North America, Mexico, South America, and the European Union.

Fundraising - through venture capitalists, bankers, or the public markets - remains one of the most important and challenging issues facing entrepreneurs. Executives turn to us for assistance in raising funds because they understand that building a successful company is a monumental feat requiring a dedicated partner. White Cap supports clients through the anticipated, and unforeseen, hurdles of building and operating a company. Because a skilled management team is the bloodline of any company, White Cap commits significant time working closely with each client to build relationships based on mutual trust. Beyond guidance, assistance, and support, we provide high-growth entrepreneurial ventures with timely access to a syndicate of institutional and angel investors. Without exception, the firm is committed to providing the absolute best counsel and execution for every transaction.

Whether you are building a pre-revenue start-up company or acquiring a mature cash flow business, the future is full of unknowns. That's why White Cap has developed an advisory board and network to share experience, insights, knowledge, and information with our clients. We bring years of experience with companies that have faced similar challenges, and offer access to human capital that gives entrepreneurs the advantage needed to turn their companies into market leaders. Combining this experience with truly innovative entrepreneurs and business savvy, White Cap helps create the success stories that will reshape the competitive landscape of the global economy.


39 South LaSalle Street , 8th Floor , 60603 IL
United States

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