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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2018 2nd Year Analyst Chicago Generalist Fun place to work with options to do lots of value-add work… Work is somewhat niche and mostly focused on pharma and…
2017 1st Year Associate Pune Healthcare Can explore too many technologies
Always on top of…
Promotion takes time.
Individuals have to work on…
2020 1st Year Associate Seattle Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Strong firm for analytics and data science work. All… 90% of the work is in pharma and associates do not get much…
2020 1st Year Analyst Evanston Analytics Overall very good company no complaints. Evanston is pharma… The culture feels a bit dry with some older and less…
2018 1st Year Associate Pune N/A Package in terms with industry standard
Great office…
Work-life balance is a mess
Unequal distribution of…
2018 1st Year Associate Pune N/A Package in terms with industry standard
Great office…
Work-life balance is a mess
Unequal distribution of…
2019 1st Year Analyst Chicago Generalist Low travel requirements (typically interface via conference… Compensation is sub-par until 3+ years of tenure, difficult…
2019 1st Year Analyst San Francisco Healthcare The company work environment is great. Low travel allows… I came in expecting to do more strategy focused work. The…
2017 2nd Year Analyst Chicago Generalist Work life balance was pretty good, with most people… Each manager had different styles and fractional staffing…
2019 Associate Consultant Princeton Pharmaceuticals Free food, smart domestic co-workers, good pharma exposure… Long hours, off-shore model, high-stress, so-so pay, high…
2019 Associate Consultant Philadelphia Management Consulting -Great people - genuine and intelligent, never had a bad… -Fractional staffing can make competing deadlines difficult…
2019 Associate Consultant Shanghai Generalist 1. come to office late, around 10:30ish in the morning… 1. only focus on healthcare, industry-wise
2. only…
2019 Associate Consultant Los Angeles Life Sciences Vision of company is inspiring as we deal in life sciences… The work can be a bit dull and repetitive. Most employees…
2019 1st Year Associate Philadelphia Strategy Had a great interview process, genuinely liked the people I… I haven't had much experience on the job yet, and so…
2018 Engagement Manager South San Francisco Healthcare Great Community and culture. Ability to develop your own… Slow, non-meritocratic promotion process. Pure strategy…
2018 1st Year Associate San Mateo Generalist Good colleagues
Good pay
Sometimes there is…
The work can oftentimes be repetitive as many of the…
2018 1st Year Associate Philadelphia Strategy Great company with great leadership. Invest in their… Pretty industry specific so you will not get a ton of…
2019 1st Year Analyst ZS Associates Healthcare People are really invested in making the culture positive.… Fractional staffing can make it challenging to manage your…
2018 3rd+ Year Associate Princeton Pharmaceuticals Great company morale, firm consistently hires intelligent… Work-life balance can be tough to achieve. Deadlines are…
2018 2nd Year Analyst Philadelphia Healthcare The culture is fantastic at this firm. Coworkers, from… * It's difficult to move between "spaces"…
2018 Associate Consultant San Francisco Generalist The people are very friendly and helpful. The company is… The level of work is a bit too operational. The projects…
2018 2nd Year Analyst San Francisco Healthcare Great company culture with people willing to take time out… Work can become quite repetitive, especially due to the…
2018 Summer Associate Intern San Francisco Generalist good people to work with very smart and drvene would… work life balance is a problrwm need more attendtion to the…
2016 Intern Chicago Pharmaceuticals Great culture, interesting topics, everyone is willing to… Fractured staffing, no travel, interns are not given real…


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