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    These are a collection of some of the best discussions created for and replied to by members of the WSO community on the topic of Management Consulting. Keep in mind this is by no means a comprehensive list and reading old and current posts will help you learn more about the industry.

    Is Management Consulting Right For Me?

    -Consulting vs. F500: A new user asks whether it would be better to take a job at McKinsey, Bain, or BCG or at a Fortune 500 company for a larger salary

    -Is Consulting Fun?: WSO users discuss why they like and dislike management consulting

    -McKinsey & Co vs. Goldman Sachs (undergrad): If you're not sure about whether to choose consulting or banking, look no further

    Getting a Job

    -Offer Negotiation: This is a great discussion on if, why, and how you would go about negotiating a starting salary at a management consulting firm

    -Problem Solving Test (McKinsey): WSO users share their experiences with and knowledge of McKinsey's problem solving test

    Life in Consulting

    -Compensation: The Consulting Cabaret hosts a discussion on first year consulting salaries for a number of different firms

    -Changing Office Location: 2x2Matrix asks the community how difficult it is to change your office location in management consulting when in an entry level position

    -Expense Accounts: A number of users chime in on their experience with and use ofexpense accounts at management consulting firms

    -Life at the Top: This discussion has users sharing their views on and experience with the partner lifestyle in management consulting

    -Pay for MBA?: This discussion shares different views on management consulting firms paying for a Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, but be sure to note that many firms have different policies regarding paying for an employees tuition and/or living expenses

    Management Consulting Firms

    -Compensation: WSO users discuss the difference in compensation found at management consulting, specifically McKinsey, Bain, and BCG firms in the United States

    -Firm Rankings A new user posts a question about the perceived ranking of management consulting firms, and here is another good discussion on the best management consulting firms

    -Life in Consulting: A 2nd year analyst answers a number of questions about life as a management consultant at a firm similar to Booz / Accenture / Deloitte

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