FAQ: Can I quote, bookmark or forward a comment or discussion?

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    WSO offers its users the ability to quote, bookmark, and forward comments. The bullets below will tell you how to accomplish this.

    • To quote a comment in a discussion, click the small, tan button in the bottom-middle of a comment. It is, however, not possible to quote an entire discussion.
    • To quote the first post in a thread, look on the right side at the original poster's picture. Underneath that picture is the same small, tan button as seen in a regular comment.
    • To forward a discussion via email, click the small white envelope in the bottom-middle of the comment.
    • To share a discussion via social media, look at the original topic post in the bottom left. There is the option to share via (from left to right) StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook and Digg.
    • To bookmark a discussion click the small, tan bookmark symbol underneath the original poster's avatar. To undo a bookmark, click that same tan bookmark symbol. To view your bookmarks, click the "Recent" button under the WSO banner at the top left of the website, then click "My Bookmarks".

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