In order to build a good relationship with your superiors, you should first try to establish trust by delivering consistently high work quality. If you are triple checking all of your work, it is a good way to make sure there are no simple mistakes which can quickly hurt the trust-building process.

Throughout your time doing work with your superior, you should still try to establish more of a personal relationship. Try to learn about their kids, what is important to them and what their goals are. This will help you create the inevitable small talk and build rapport.

Just like with your co-workers, you should also never pass up an opportunity to eat lunch or go out for coffee with your superiors.

Once a good relationship is established, you can also approach them once every 3-4 months to ask for candid feedback on how to improve and to get a status update on how they think you are performing. However, be careful not to do this too frequently or it could get annoying.

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