What are certified users, and who are they?

A Certified User is a highly valued member of the community that works or has worked in the industry and title indicated on their profile (verified by the WSO team). All Certified Users will have a star next to his/her username every time they post a comment so that users new to the site will know that the comment is being made from a reputable source. They will also have access to the private Certified User group and private chat room.

The criteria to gain Certified User status is as follows:

  1. The user has proven he/she works in the specified field in their profile through e-mail verification to [email protected]. Please send your username AND password.
  2. The user has demonstrated superior knowledge in that specified field and given helpful advice to other users
  3. The user has displayed maturity, patience and a willingness to help other prospective monkeys with limited or no experience
  4. The user continues to display maturity and does not get into meaningless debates on school or company rankings (certification can be revoked) and does not post inflammatory or inappropriate comments

Note: Under rare circumstances, users that demonstrate superior knowledge and a desire to help can gain Certified User status very quickly, while other members will have to improve their reputation with the site administrators & moderators to become certified.

If you believe you deserve to be certified and have not been yet, you can always e-mail [email protected] to make your case or just have us review your account.