What are the options in the "Monkey Stats" section?

The Monkey Stats section of your profile is where you can share some personal information with other users and allow you to get your profile complete percentage to 100%. To get to the Monkey Stats section, click your username in the top right hand corner of the website (in your account bar). Now click the "Edit" tab and you will see this automatically opens the Account section. Next to the underlined Account section is one called "Monkey Stats"...click it.

Note: When you put information on your profile, anyone can see it. Many of our users choose to remain anonymous, which is fine. Keep in mind that unless a user is a Certified User, their background (Industry & Status) has not been verified by WSO.

IMPORTANT: You MUST click the "Save" button at the bottom of the "Edit Profile Info" section for the changes you've made to take effect.

  • Industry: Which industry you work in
  • Status: The level you are at your firm (1st/2nd/3rd year Analyst, Director, etc). Keep in mind some industries such as Equity Research, where you start as an associate and move up to an analyst, use different terminology
  • Self Explanatory: Sex, College/University, Degree & Major, GPA, GMAT, Location, Birth Date
  • How did you first find WallStreetOasis.com?

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