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Hey Guys,

I'd like to know if you had any insight into MBB recruiting in Europe and France specifically. I've heard recruitment is quite "engineering-focused" focused in France, but maybe this info is outdated. Can grads from good schools start work in other countries / offices (good language skills of course) or do schools just feed into their home countries? I'll probably be attending Sciences Po. Any insight and / or tips would be very much appreciated (how to get an edge over other applicants, even though my school won't be that much of a target for MBB). Thanks!

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May 24, 2020


May 24, 2020

In the UK, MBB is agnostic on subject but very focused on university attended ie almost totality of grads come from Oxbridge. In continental Europe, they also focus on university attended and they do skew towards (and almost exclusively) engineering and economics. So for example, in Milan, your best chance to join MBB is by attending Bocconi. That said, Sciences Po is prestigious and I'd be surprised if no one from there has ever gone to MBB. Can you reach out to alumni?

Normally in the application page you can choose to send your application to any of 3 countries and if your profile is relevant they would definitely consider you. Sometimes they even hold interviews in London for Europeans who are studying in London but wish to move back upon graduation; they may do the same in other big cities.

Best way to get an edge over other applicants is to know someone internally who can recommend you - this way you have some certainty that your CV will be at least looked at.

May 26, 2020