(TQQQ ALTERNATIVE) Anyone else all-in HFEA Portfolio (55% UPRO/ 45% TMF), Quarterly Rebalance?

I won't write too much since this https://www.optimizedportfolio.com/hedgefundie-ad… and a simple google search of HFEA Portfolio will give you a full explanation.

Currently have 100% of all my accounts both taxable and Roth IRA fully in this strategy. Feel like with all the TQQQ love in here this would go well. This is also tested to have both higher CAGR returns AND less volatility than 100% UPRO/TQQQ over the  long run. In fact, the actual drawdowns backtested from 1987-present with HFEA were slightly LESS than 100% 1x S&P with more than 7x the returns.

Pretty awesome stuff. The only real possible drawback are arguments again long term treasuries going forward. However, as described in the link, interest rate increases aren't an actual issue. This does rely on a post-Volcker monetary style policy essentially which is a pretty fair assumption to make.


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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Dec 9, 2021 - 9:41am

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