Wall Street Prep Vs Breaking Into Wall Street

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Hey so first post here, I think this website is fantastic, thanks for all of the information available.

As the title suggests, I'm currently deciding on whether to purchase the Wall Street Prep (WSP) or Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) pack. I'm looking at the premium package for either one. Cost is obviously not an issue as they are pretty much the same (WSP $425 with a discount code, and BIWS $497 with no code). I've researched this topic over many websites and the argument seems to be very balanced. If I'm correct WSO has a connection with one of the courses so no biased answers please dear friends!

I just want a general course that will make me well-rounded in modeling. I already know the basics through my studies. A little about me: master's in finance from a UK top 15 (semi-target). Starting an internship shortly at a MM German bank in project and leveraged finance. But eventually looking to land some IBD/leveraged finance internships (whether boutique/mm/bb). All help will be appreciated, thank you.

BIWS vs. WSP - Choosing a Modeling Program

Investing in a financial modeling program is a great way to differentiate yourself from other candiates in interviews and help you nail your internship / first year on the job. Please see below for thoughts from our users about the programs.

Disclaimer: WSO is an affiliate of Wall Street Prep, so we do earn money from promoting them. Our users offer insight on all the listed programs below:

Wall Street Prep Modeling Course Reviews

swanky - Sales and Trading Analyst:

I did WSP and liked it. It takes you step by step on how to build models, though it could have explained more on the theory side. It was still good and I would buy it again. If you have a solid foundation on valuation it should be pretty intuitive anyway. There's also videos that go along with some of manuals that I found helpful.

RX - Private Equity Associate:

I've never posted a promotion for a particular product on these forums before, but personal experience compels me to reinforce FairValue's point that the wall st. prep program is a fantastic choice for someone who wants to learn on their own from home and having the option to learn some more detailed structures that you may not necessarily need for day-to-day modeling on the job.

Breaking Into Wall Street Course Reviews

RX - Private Equity Associate:

I personally used the BIWS program (all Excel, PPT, Fundamentals, Adv Modeling) and can personally attest that it helped me tremendously in terms of both interview prep (understanding the models) and case competitions & internship (actually building the model). Brian really goes step by step in building the model so you understand every step, and why every step is done in such a way.

TheBigBambino - Private Equity Vice President:

I've done Wall Street Prep and BIWS. I absolutely love BIWS and think it blows Prep out of the water.

VCWL - Hedge Fund Analyst:

BIWS was great for me! I was able to ace my HF internship modeling interview. The upside is that I can always go back and refresh my memory if needed.

Read more about different modeling programs in another thread on WSO.

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Nov 11, 2014


Nov 11, 2014

Thanks very much. Yes I'm leaning more towards BIWS too seeing as I've read so many good things about it. Most people recommend BIWS over WSP but there is a trade off in that WSP is more recognized by BBs I believe, as some of them use WSP to train analysts. Training the Street I've also heard good things of, but it's a tough decision to make as these are the 3 main courses. The biggest investment in one of these self-study courses is the time invested, so I want to make sure I choose the best one. Still confused but leaning towards BIWS.

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Nov 11, 2014

BIWS interview guides are very good, but I have to say their models aren't the best, can't comment on WSP though.

Nov 30, 2014

I got the Premium Package for BIWS. I recommend it. Just so much content; decent Excel course, they are about to finish up the new content for the new Fundamentals Course, the advanced course, and just a ton of extra videos covering accounting/individual topics/whole case studies.

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Jan 31, 2015

I just recently went on an interview for analyst position in private accounting and they asked for financial modeling background to primarily manage and analyze large amt of data and create Financials models from it. Which course would work better to gain the knowledge BIWS or WS?

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Apr 27, 2016
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