Finance Development Programs

An Overview of Acclerated Corporate Finance Careers (FLDPs)

Want to learn more about FLDPs and other accelerated corporate finance careers?

The FDP Guide gives you an inside look at accelerated corporate finance careers to give you an advantage when recruiting. This guide will walk you through all aspects of careers in corporate finance and better prepare you for your job search process.

FDP / FLDPs are an excellent option for finance and accounting students looking to advance their careers at an accelerated rate without working the grueling hours of investment banking. This guide is packed with over 90 pages of knowledge and comes in PDF form and you get it right away so you can start studying immediately.

Finance Development Program Guide


Finance Development Program Guide

  • 11 Profiles of Top FDPs + 66 Others Listed
  • Detailed Recruiting & Networking Guidance
  • 7 Detailed Interviews + Day-in-the-life
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With more than 90 pages, we cover many topics in this guide to give you a comprehensive view of Finance Development Programs, including:

  • Overview of FDPs: Why you should choose an FDP and the typical career progression map
  • Career Options Overview including Corporate Finance Groups, Corporate Accounting Groups as well as Audit, Strategy and Development Groups
  • Graduate School Decisions
  • 11 Profiles of Top FDPs plus 66 other Potential FDPs Listed by Industry
  • Recruiting and Networking Guidance
  • 7 Detailed Interviews and Day-in-the-life Profiles of FDP Professionals

Table of Contents and Page Previews Below:


You should definitely think about purchasing the WSO FDLP guide, it's the best $30 I spent on preparation for my FDLP interviews... the explanations of the lines of business (FP&A, Treasury, etc.) impressed my interviewers because I knew where I wanted to work and why. — ishouldbstudying

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