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Monkey to Millions | Victor (Session 1) - Introduction + Back Story + Deep Resume Dive - Dec 2, 2020

Monkey to Millions


In this first session with Victor we cover a lot. We dive into his back story which includes:

1. Coming to the US as an immigrant from Turkey and knowing no English when he was 21

2. Getting his scholarship canceled to Pomona when the company that was sponsoring him went bankrupt in the Great Financial Crises

3. Working for two years at 3-4 dead-end jobs at at time to put food on the table

4. Joining the Navy as a professional linguist with his knowledge of 4 languages

5. Breaking into Georgetown as an older, non-traditional undergrad and graduating in December 2019 with a 3.7 GPA

6. And finally, securing two full-time offers upon graduation, taking a strategy consulting role, only to have it rescinded because of Covid cutbacks in May 2020 right before his start date.


After reviewing this long and winding path, we spend the rest of the session talking about his goals and taking a closer look at his resume and getting tactical. Listen why I think he needs to reduce the embellishment on his resume, how OVER-quantification can actually hurt you and how we're going to approach his candidacy to try and get him into front office IB.


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