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WSO Podcast | E224: Editing Bullets on a CV | Weekly Intern Meetup #20

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WSO Podcast Episode 224 Transcript:

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:00:06] Hello and welcome. I'm Patrick Curtis, your host and chief monkey. And this is the Wall Street Oasis podcast. Join me as I talk to some of the community's most successful and inspirational members to gain valuable insight into different career paths.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:00:20] And life in general. Let's get to it.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:00:25] Another interesting chat with the interns. If you're interested in applying to the internship, please check out the show notes. There's a link right there. Enjoy. You can keep it. Keep it simple. Keep it short if we want. Anybody have questions? First off, on the internship itself, if we can start there and then kind of move to more career oriented stuff. Adrian, did you update your resume based on what we talked about?

Intern 1: [00:00:54] Yeah, I can. I can send that in. I'll just put it in the chat like last time. Sure. Yeah.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:01:02] I saw your message on the roll. I'm really not involved. Biome is the one who kind of manages that I would definitely apply. And then if you want to support it, just let them know that you applied. That could help. But I can't. I don't even know what the qualifications for that role were. Abdullah, welcome. So, yeah. Who are the new faces here? Diamond? Have you been on before? On Aisha?

Intern 2: [00:01:27] No.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:01:28] Am I saying your name wrong?

Intern 2: [00:01:30] No, that's correct.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:01:33] Great. Adrian, thanks for sending that through. Let me see if I can open it.

Intern 1: [00:01:38] Yeah, I just noticed I sent it as a PDF. So if I. If I need to do as a word, doc, I'll.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:01:47] That's fine. Did we? Did we review this? What did I. I can't even remember what I said. Here, I'll share with you. I can't remember what I said last time, you know.

Intern 1: [00:01:57] So I think it was mainly like a. So there was a lot of visual formatting. I think like before I had like for the separate subcategories, just like a long bar going under, like education all the way from one side of the paper to another. And then also some of the wording also for the Wall Street Oasis finance part. And so like just making it look cleaner.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:02:23] Yeah, I still think I would remove the period here at the end. Ah, yeah, I'm kind of a fan since they're not actual. Sentences of removing all the periods. And this edited 60,000 words or 30 articles, I would put a few of the topics that you feel most comfortable talking about in an interview because it's just another opportunity to put it's another opportunity to put like keywords there.

Intern 1: [00:02:48] Right?

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:02:51] Let's see what else? And then mostly just formatting. I think the name could be bigger and like your spacing still is a little bit like the space above and the space below shouldn't. You should be close. The stuff below should be closer tucked underneath than the space above. So when you think of like sections, it's like space above the header and then the stuff should be almost like tucked underneath it for visually. So it's very clear that these three are part of this. And then there's a big break above internship and then these are slightly tucked in more. So you can either put a little bit more space above here and keep this space the same or reduce this space. So let's see, let's read some of the bullets. So yeah, I'd get more keywords here, continue to study across, finish my evaluation course. That's great. Did you do valuation at all? Like precedent and trading comps?

Intern 1: [00:03:49] I don't think so. No, not really.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:03:51] That's fine. So if you know, if you put Amanda Maloney, they may ask you questions about accretion dilution. Just be ready for that. Yeah. For me, a search engine, great tokenized Commodities Council research and published 3000 words throughout economic articles ranging. Um. From the impact ranging from the impacts of a strong US dollar to crypto regulations around the world. Again, we ask you what happens to exports with the strong US dollar? I won't ask you stuff like this. If you researched and done this, you get to know your foreign exchange, your import export kind of impacts of currency strength and weakness. Right. So the dollar weakens what happens to your competitiveness and your exports.

Intern 1: [00:04:35] Okay.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:04:35] You know the answer to that.

Intern 1: [00:04:38] Here where I was, I was trying to write it down. I said I was asking the question again.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:04:40] Yeah. So like, do you know if if the dollar let's say you're a US manufacturer and the dollar gets weaker, do you know what that does to your exports? Does it make it more? Does it make them more or less competitive.

Intern 1: [00:04:53] To your exports? It makes them more competitive, I think, because it's cheaper for other people to buy it.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:04:58] So strengthening dollar actually can make a lot of manufacturers here in the US. It could actually hurt them. Right. Right. Good. So, yeah, I'd be worried if you didn't know that after writing a 3000 word.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:05:08] That's. That's the that's the.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:05:09] Risk, Right. Putting stuff. It looks good. But then when you get into an interview room, if you fumble on that, it looks bad. So I'm happy to see you get that. And it can be that working over ten assignments to.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:05:24] Learn.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:05:24] About entrepreneurship, That's a little vague. What do you mean, assignments?

Intern 1: [00:05:29] Yeah, it was sort of like a three week business internship, so like, I wouldn't say it was probably the most serious, which is why it's more vague. It was more like said, probably the most serious part was like where we had to set up like a what's it called? Like a.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:05:47] Um, LLC?

Intern 1: [00:05:50] No. Like, no. Definitely not at that level. Evp. Yeah. Mainly just like, pitching for, like, a mock company or something.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:05:57] That's. That's more. That's actually a lot better. Oh, you should hear pitch an example. Advertising business, Shark Tank format, Small business. That's. That's cool. Okay. An example. Advertising business. You could say a mock example. Yeah. Or not a mock. A fake. Now, a. How do we how do we phrase that example? Advertising. It sounds weird, but I know what you mean. You meant like a mock or a fake.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:06:24] Yeah. You can do advertising business.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:06:30] Advertising business.

Intern 1: [00:06:31] You just pitch an advertising business. Good.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:06:34] And then the ten assignments is just weird because I want to say, okay, what are those ten assignments? You may want to say, like seven assignments. And like, what were they? Were they like business model stuff? Was it because, like, that's an opportunity If you did anything with like Cohort.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:06:48] Rr.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:06:51] Or anything like that, probably didn't sound. Like, What did you do to learn about entrepreneurship? I guess.

Intern 1: [00:06:57] Yeah, it was mainly sort of like, like a lessons from like the people running the thing. And then from there you would like, you know, based on like the business idea, the one that we pitched for Shark Tank, you would create like a, like a website for it, create a video for it. It wasn't actually going out. And like starting the company.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:07:17] You started, you did a website.

Intern 1: [00:07:19] Yes.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:07:20] So, like, that's really interesting that like, suddenly tells me you have other skills. So, like, was it in WordPress?

Intern 1: [00:07:28] No, it was the Wix.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:07:32] So I want to know that stuff. So you could say work done over ten assignments to to develop skills and entrepreneurship instead of learn about. Right. Including instead of and starting a company. It's entrepreneurship that's obvious. It's redundant. So just say I worked on ten whatever or seven whatever to develop skills in entrepreneurship, including setting up a website in Wix, creating media video with X, Y, z. I don't know what you use Adobe, Camtasia, whatever.

Intern 1: [00:08:04] Just.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:08:05] With Adobe. So like, my point is like suddenly you now have you're kind of hitting, Oh, here it is. Canva. Suddenly you're hitting again like tools, you know, skills you developed even though was a really short internship. Suddenly, like, you're not a beginner, you're not, like, completely green to those. So it gives your resume a little bit more strength, right? And you have space anyways. You have a lot of space. Now that you can play with, you're not, like, completely packed. Here are the outreach team to gain new counsel post 20 plus new. How many people did you reach? Outreach. To get those 20. So part of that, you could say one of five people in the outreach team reached out to over 100 people, resulting in 2020 new potential members on a. Resulting in five new potential members reached out to 20 potential members, resulting in five new members joining the joining the council. Whatever the conversion was, it's fine, you know. Yes. That's not that impressive. You only reach out to 20 people.

Intern 1: [00:09:07] Yes. Yeah, I agree. So it's mainly because the like sort of understanding how the tokenized commodities, like how the council is set up. Obviously, it was like very serious, like people who are part of it are like Brinks, Paxos kind of stuff like that. So obviously we weren't reaching out to like tons and tons of people, but we did add like one new member. So I guess that's that would be worth noting. Yep.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:09:32] Cool. This is good. So, skills. I would type out search engine optimization.

Intern 1: [00:09:40] Okay.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:09:42] And maybe be more specific on that, because if you have a strong understanding, is that on page off page SEO, is it what specifically about SEO copy? Is it on page or off page meeting link building versus. Copy and structure and keyword research.

Intern 1: [00:10:00] Stuff like that.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:10:01] Just get a little more specific if you can. This isn't really a skill completing these.

Intern 1: [00:10:07] Okay, so this is more because I think last time I had them in the Honors and Achievement section. Yeah. And then like, you know, we sort of talked about how that it isn't necessarily like neither an honor nor really like, I guess.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:10:22] Yeah, I think additional information is fine. I think under skills, I think you'd have Excel first and I think you want to re hit the financial modeling stuff you did here and really say financial modeling, DCF, Manda, Excel, Excel Manda, DCF. That's only what you're comfortable with right now, but that should be the first thing, right? And then you can have Adobe and design Adobe Premiere and Canva, you know, you can say design skill, you know, design skills include Adobe Premiere and Canva. You could say over 100 hours spent in whatever, 50 hours.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:10:56] It's only that much.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:10:58] Native French speaker proficient Spanish should be like third, probably. And then these I'm trying to think. Where's your interest section? Oh, Did you remove it?

Intern 1: [00:11:10] No, I didn't really have one in the first place. It's mainly just like because, like, this is the resume that I'm using to apply to, like, colleges and then some other stuff. So it's not necessarily like a. You know, the four colleges and the other organizations, they'd sort of already see my interests in other parts of the app. I think you should have it, though.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:11:33] Yeah, I think it's one of the most important parts of having it just and I don't know what your interests are if you're a runner, if you're a hiker, if you're a whatever.

Intern 1: [00:11:41] Right.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:11:42] Having something that makes you a little bit more personable.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:11:46] And if anybody wants.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:11:46] To resume, want me to kind of dive in the resume, shoot it over the chat, I'm happy to jump in and do do somebody else's, too, before we call it So. Overall good. I would just move these I think under. Have a section instead of just volunteering. You say volunteering and. Um. Events or something like that in advance. Yeah, because it's like a virtual to virtual experiences you could tuck in under that. I think you still keep these two since the tutoring and the co chair is more impressive and then just put the events under there. So that'll make your skills kind of pop a little bit better. But yeah, definitely put the financial modeling and if you're going to be more specific and so financial modeling, the design, then SEO, then then language I think is good way to end it off because they'll probably see that. And then volunteering with these two plus these two tuck it under. And then I want an intersection with like some specific interests.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:12:39] That you do.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:12:40] Side of school or outside of your.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:12:41] Events.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:12:42] Right? Do you have any do you have any good ones?

Intern 1: [00:12:44] Yeah. Well, I think as your first guess there for running.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:12:47] Are you going to say like Fortnite or something like.

Intern 1: [00:12:49] No, no, no, no, definitely not. Definitely not. Yeah. So high stakes poker. Yeah. Poker is fun. I don't think I'd put that.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:12:58] Yeah, well, if you're applying for trading jobs, they actually sometimes like it.

Intern 1: [00:13:01] Really?

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:13:02] Yeah. But, no, you don't have to put that if you want to be a little safer.

Intern 1: [00:13:05] Right. Especially because I'm not necessarily, you know, gambling age, so I don't know if that's the best idea.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:13:12] Yeah. So overall, I think I think it's looking pretty strong. The head or two, I was a little bit like your your name is a little small and it's still small.

Intern 1: [00:13:21] Okay. Because last time it was like a 12 point font, so you told me to make it bigger. So. So. Well, look.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:13:26] At. Yeah, look at the template on W So see how we do it. Like, the problem is it's too close to the rest of your whole line of, like, address. So it doesn't really stand out. It's just to my eye. It's just like, who is it? Whose resume is this? It should really just pop.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:13:40] It's.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:13:41] It's Adrian's, you know, And I think that'll be, that'll be better. Welcome to other people who joined.

Intern 3: [00:13:51] Thanks for having me.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:13:52] Hey, Muhammad.

Intern 3: [00:13:54] It's kind of surrealistic to be here talking to you.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:13:58] What's that mean? Where are you? Where are you located right now?

Intern 3: [00:14:00] I'm located in Zion, in Germany. It's near a consensus, you know, a problem.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:14:05] I. I've never been to Germany. Believe it or not, it's one of the places I need to have to.

Intern 3: [00:14:10] You have to? Yeah, but I prefer Switzerland. Actually, I am German, but I prefer Switzerland. Oh, very cool. Very cool. Yeah, it's. You pay less taxes, so I might live there.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:14:20] She talked to Nabil. He pays like no tax.

Nabil: [00:14:24] Thanks for having me.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:14:25] You know, it's.

Intern 3: [00:14:27] Really insane to talk with you guys, and I'm really thankful for this opportunity.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:14:32] Now, thanks for joining the team. I love having you. Yeah. Let me know if you ever want to, like, have a resume reviewed or something like this where we kind of do that. Week to week, we try to have at least one or two. You just want to or if you just want to talk about like career stuff around. Like where you're applying. Are you in college still? Are you graduated?

Intern 3: [00:14:52] I'm college. I have been accepted at the LC and I'm currently doing my internship at Credit Suisse and their head office. As you know, Credit Suisse is having a lot of trouble.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:15:04] Yeah, I did hear about the first Boston News.

Intern 3: [00:15:07] Yeah. Yeah. It's the whole restructuring team is going wild and it's it's they they wanted to cut 9000 jobs and the share dropped like 17%. Yeah. So it's, it's, it's a hard time for us, but as an intern you don't really mind. So I just. I'm just trying to do my best and impress the people and hopefully have a nice feedback and.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:15:34] Yeah, and I think what's more, most important, if you find yourself in a situation where you're at a company that is kind of going south like that, if you're an intern, like the most important thing you can do is just put your head down to do great work and if you don't get a return offer, I think. It's still allows you to kind of recruit at other banks more easily because they're going to know that it's not necessarily a reflection of your work ethic, that you didn't get a return offer. But it's much more important than networking aspect is becomes even more important, such that you're like talking to people early and often when you're in that situation so that you know when when there is potentially a lateral role or a place, an extra seat or there's a there's an interview round for external candidates, you get in on that and you hear about it.

Intern 3: [00:16:22] So I'm currently in the corporate banking division and I'm trying to break into the investment banking division. But it's it's not that easy. I have done my network skills and improve them and talk to a lot of people in the investment banking division. But they told me, come on, man, you have you have had one internship as an M&A analyst. It will not be sufficient for us. It was it was a it was hard news. But I'm trying to break into other banks because as you have already said, the name itself as bolt on this CV. I'm trying to UniCredit, you name.

Intern 3: [00:17:00] You know.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:17:01] Unicredit. Yeah. I mean you could yeah you could go middle market to get it to get the right type of experience. You don't have to stay bold bracket or elite boutique.

Intern 3: [00:17:09] Yeah, but it's insane. Like nowadays what you can achieve with only with LinkedIn. I know I am not going to try to show off, but I have called methods principles of KKR and they just invited me for an interview and I was like, Come on, man, it's KKR. Like, let's say. It's literally crazy. They invited me for real estate, private equity, insurance, internship. Normally they only invite MBAs, and I'm like, in my bachelor, I still didn't graduate. And I was like, it was like, shocking. It was like KKR. What do you want from me? Yes, I try my best. It's Monday and Julian Lowkey invited also I just called me those guys with my with my email from Credit Suisse and I was like, come on, Credit Suisse. I tried my best. I tried all.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:18:01] These, all these, all these places, you already have a filter, you already have a proxy on you because you're at the bulge bracket. No matter how much, no matter how much difficulty they're going through, all these other firms are like, Hey, can we pick up some great talent?

Intern 3: [00:18:14] That's true.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:18:15] So it's like you immediately, like you're much more likely to get a response back.

Intern 3: [00:18:19] So it's amazing to talk with you guys, but I want to leave some time for for my other colleagues.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:18:27] So that's nice. Yeah. Anybody else have questions or thoughts? I think it's pretty telling. Muhammad It's pretty interesting that you're going through all that. It's exciting. I said, this is your junior way. This is your junior year right now. So you are you're in your senior year now.

Intern 3: [00:18:45] You mean in college and at the university? Yes, I'm currently in the fifth semester, so it's only one left. And I was studying in Germany at Beckett. But yeah.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:18:58] I'm going to get a master's. Are you getting a master's straight or are you going to go straight to.

Intern 3: [00:19:02] Oh, that's a good question. I want to, but I have been applied for what was it again? Was Bank of America investment banking. I'm currently in the recruiting process or an analyst position, not only a internship position. And I thought probably because I speak Arabic and they they need some guys to. They need some applicants who are fluent in Arabic. They told me, yeah, come over. It's an off cycle internship of cycle analyst position. I don't know what it will be, what they are trying to tell them with that, but hopefully we'll see. And if I can say something for my other colleagues, everything is possible. I didn't realize that at the beginning. I only had one internship in my life at Swiss life and they have a miserable image, but everything is possible. You only have to believe it and just send out your applications and you'll be amazed with your results. And even following you guys on LinkedIn helped me so much to figure out what what is achievable.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:20:05] It's great. Yeah, it's all about putting yourself out there and getting to know people. Congrats on all the success. Melbourne will be watching you raise on the rise up the ranks. Yeah. Any other questions from people about the internship in general here with show or career questions or resumes they want to review?

Intern 4: [00:20:27] Yeah, I have. I have a question. I'm quite like confused because I applied for this internship and I didn't know that I was accepted. So I just like 10 minutes ago I received this email about having this meeting. So I just like to join the meeting and I, I don't know actually what is going on. So this is just this is no worries.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:20:47] No worries. This is just a weekly meeting we have every Friday just to help. I try to help some of the interns with resume reviews, answering questions about the internship in general. If you put a date when you applied, when you'd start, you probably get something a couple of days prior to your start date. Just saying like, Oh, I'm surprised you didn't get something saying you're accepted, but we can look into that. Maybe, maybe something was wrong with your email or go into spam or something like that. But I'll have Josh take a look. Actually, Nabil, can you send a snuggle is how you say can you send her?

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:21:21] Yeah. Yeah. Know.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:21:23] What's that?

Intern 4: [00:21:24] All right. You can just say, son, it's easier.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:21:28] I don't want to put your name. Abdullah.

Intern 5: [00:21:32] I said.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:21:32] How are you? Good. How are you?

Intern 5: [00:21:36] Angle said, I am from India.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:21:38] Nice. Where? In India.

Intern 5: [00:21:41] And Hyderabad Telangana.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:21:45] Welcome. Do you have any questions that I can answer or we can help with?

Intern 5: [00:21:50] First of first, I want to thank you for accepting my internship. You're welcome to. This is great opportunity. I would like to work with you, sir.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:22:05] Great. Yeah, well, I think. Yeah, well, we are hiring out of the out of the intern team we've hired. How many? Maybe five or six people. Yeah. Yeah. So if that's.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:22:16] Something that.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:22:17] Interests you, then for sure. Give it your all during the news.

Intern 5: [00:22:22] Can you share some details about the project?

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:22:27] The details on the projects. You mean for the internship itself?

Intern 5: [00:22:32] Yes. Yes, sir.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:22:34] Have you read the guidelines on the Slack Group channel?

Intern 5: [00:22:40] I, i, I read about it, but I just want to know.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:22:48] Yeah, well, the I think if you read through that, it's basically you're going to go and select specific topics that interest you. You write detailed long form kind of research on the specific topic to help you to help our members and our users find and learn about that, that specific topic, so they become more knowledgeable. So we're building out our resource section on the site. And then specifically for you, as you as you go along, I think the requirements are is it three articles for every 25 hours meal and then that unlocks free courses for you. So for every, every three articles and or, and 25 hours that you put in writing these articles. A it unlocks kind of courses. So Excel modeling course, financial statement, modeling course. You can even do private equity interview and best banking interview if you're interested in investment banking to help you prep for those those interviews in the networking. And then in terms of how to put it on your CV, look, in the actual general intern chat, there's a there's a images at the top kind of showing you exactly how to, how to list it for, for maximum impact to help kind of land more interviews.

Intern 5: [00:23:58] Okay. Thank you.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:24:00] No worries. Hi, Fatima. Hi, Ashraf. I think it's actually rough. And then is it Jason or Jason? We'll say welcome. Diamond, do you have any questions? Is this your first time here?

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:24:17] Magic. Hi.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:24:20] Hi, everybody. Do you guys have any questions around the internship or career in general?

Intern 4: [00:24:25] Look, you.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:24:26] Let us know, please, if you do.

Intern 4: [00:24:29] Yes.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:24:29] We're here to help.

Intern 4: [00:24:31] Thank you.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:24:32] Well, we can keep it short today. We keep it at half hour. Call if there's any questions. You always just refer to message Josh, myself, or Nabeel in in the intern chat. We're all there, and we'll try to get be responsive to you and get you feedback in terms of if you have questions on how to proceed, stuff like that. And then yeah, we'll talk again next Friday. If you want your resume review, definitely send it in ideally prior to the call so I can have time to kind of look through it quickly and have some good advice for you. Other than that, thanks for. Thanks for coming.

Intern 3: [00:25:06] Thank you for your time. That would be amazing.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:25:08] Thanks, everybody. Appreciate it.

Intern 5: [00:25:10] All right.

Intern 3: [00:25:11] Thank you. Bye bye.

Patrick (CEO of WSO): [00:25:12] And thanks to you, my listeners at Wall Street Oasis. If you have any suggestions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to send them my way. Patrick at Wall Street Oasis. And till next time?