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Below is a rough guide to a management consultants salary levels at various stages of seniority. From analysts and associates to managing directors and partners, management consulting pay is traditionally heavily weighted toward the salary portion of the compensation since bonuses are relatively small at the junior levels when compared to other careers in finance.

Most levels of management consulting require fewer hours than their investment banking equivalent, however, frequent travel is common for management consultants. The compensation for senior management consulting professionals is much more variable than their junior counterparts and is usually a function of the number of clients they are able to engage and billable hours earned.

See below for an estimated range of all in pay figures.

Management Consulting Compensation

  • Analyst: $65K - $90K
  • Associate $130K - $200K
  • Partner / Principal $500K - $800K
  • Senior Partner / MD $ 1MM +

These management consultant salary figures are an approximation and rough range based on the user registration data on Wall Street Oasis, as well as the thousands of discussions on compensation that the community has had around consulting pay.

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