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I go to a target school in the UK. I really don't like my uni at all. I don't like my course either. I just think about it and get depressed.

I have done everything I can to make my life at this uni better (sports, EC's etc) but I still hate it a lot. I am on my break and am dreading going back.

What shall I do?

Look for transfers (I don't think I'm eligible)? Get a job and start a new course that I actually enjoy somewhere else? I really want to leave this uni - really really hating it.

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    This seems to be a persistent issue.. What is it that you dislike so much?

    "That dude is so haole, he don't even have any breath left."

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    The hell... as someone is comes from the UK system this is entirely your fault for choosing the course and not getting out of it the first week. Unlike the US, where switching courses is expected, you knew perfectly well that it wasn't there.


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    I just hate my course (not the amount of work, the actual content itself). I don't feel like I'm growing in any way other then 'taking classes/plodding through work'. I don't enjoy/look forward to anything about the uni. I feel like I've chosen the wrong degree/career path completely but am stuck (limited module options etc so I cant even swap). When I go to uni all I can think about is when I'm coming back.

    I have a good set of friends, am active socially otherwise, I just genuinely detest the uni and regret everyday for picking it.

    Edit: I did swap course btw. This new one is marginally better but still nowhere close to tolerable. So I'm not a coward actually.

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    What are you studying and how does it determine your career path? if it's a target and you have a decent profile you should be eligilbe for most paths in finance. I never liked any of my courses except maybe 1 or 2 during all of high school and uni. It's just a way to get a job. Just suck it up, get a 2.1 and try to find a job you like is the best advice I can give you, quitting and restarting a new course is by far the worst thing you could do, trust me.

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    haha this is what I thought but its not true.... i applied/networked with everyone/everywhere I could and haven't landed anything decent for several years now.
    2:1 is fine - I just really hate my uni. I tried sucking it up but my hatred isn't going down. I'm really miserable here.

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    You're the problem buddy, not the uni. I don't think you'd be happy anywhere else either.

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    As somebody who disliked college, I'll recommend that you just grit your teeth and get through it. I went to a very good school, and by all measures it was a great college environment. I can't say one bad thing about it, and hope my son goes to the same school.

    I just strongly prefer work to academia. A BA is the barrier to entry for most white collar jobs now. Think of it like high school. In any case, the coursework at a less university would be similar, but you would have far inferior employment prospects.

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    F. Ro Jo - I probably am but what do I do to improve the situation? I have tried my best already.

    West Coast Rainmaker - I also prefer work to academics. I am gritting my teeth to get through it but its really becoming unbearable because I hate it so much.

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    a lot of people don't exactly like their school. I was very lucky that I loved my college. I didn't like the content of academics itself: I was an econ major and thought that over 70% of all stuff I learned was bull shit.

    However, what made my college experience so enriching was the top notch professors who led thoughtful discussions inside and outside classrooms, passion of instructors in their fields, very intelligent and cool classmates, and down-to earth/ fun group of colleagues to hang out with.

    Just look at the bright side of things, and try to graduate college with a career focus. If you want to get into finance/ consulting/ etc, try to utilize your time, effort, and energy accomplishing those goals, not worrying about your college life. Once you graduate and make a nice paycheck doing the work you want to do, you would be thankful for having gone through it all.

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    Its not about learning BS - for example - Calculus is BS but that was one module I actually enjoyed. But I don't enjoy anything in my course anymore.

    I did try getting a career focus but that fell on my face several times and I've got nowhere. I'm now wondering why I even bothered trying.

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    Try to think of the reasons you chose your course and university in the first place. Think about whether those things still apply. Weigh out the options you have after graduating - it's going to be really tough finding work if you haven't completed your university so you have to decide whether it's really worth it. I think after 6 months from quitting you will probably regret it. I stuck it out through university as well and after getting my degree certificate I feel really glad that I did.

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    Suck it up, get through your next 2 years, get a 2:1 / First and thank yourself in later life.

    EDIT: If by target you mean LSE / Oxbridge, then definitely suck it up. Otherwise, no harm in looking to see if one of those 3 unis will take you.

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    Iff i suck it up - how do I make my uni life less miserable though?

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    Stop thinking about how much you hate it. Focus on studying and courses when necessary (and get good grades), but the rest of the time spend with friends, at the gym, bars, with some ladies.

    Basically keep your mind occupied by other things than your hatred for your university.

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    F. Ro Jo:
    You're the problem buddy, not the uni. I don't think you'd be happy anywhere else either.

    I hate to agree with you but you seem to be right. Life's all about how much shit you can deal with and how you look at things.

    OP stay positive and get through it if you can. There are worse things that can happen.

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    [quote=G.M.Trevelyan] I think that was too harsh. I mean; if he's unhappy he's unhappy.

    Having said that: unless there is a good reason (i.e. like you may keel over and die in the process) I happen to think you should finish what you started. I think university is all about setting out to do something; and then doing it. Not much else really. Don't have a weird dropout story; just suck it up and finish.

    "Dont compromise yourself; you're all you've got" - Janis Joplin

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    Dude don't try to get away from uni by finding time consuming activities.... just get a 2:1. We're behind you. Update us in a few months and ask for advice about jobs then. never too early. Merry christmas.

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    I don't even know why you expect to enjoy your classes. School is basically your job right now. Well over 99% of people have disliked their jobs over the course of human history. If you don't do your job, you can't put bread on the table and that should be enough motivation. If you think school sucks, try being a manual laborer for a while and you'll be begging to go back to school.

    Billions of people would kill to have this great opportunity to get a degree from one of the best universities in the world and you're moaning about not liking your courses? Quit your bitching and self-pity. It's time to man up and get the job done.

    adapt or die:
    What would P.T. Barnum say about you?


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    ^What he said. You've been on a ramble over the last few weeks about not getting a chance to prove yourself, getting an internship, hating classes, etc. It is hard enough getting a job in finance as it is now. How on earth do you think your chances are going to look if you ditch a target school?

    Do you really think you're special because you hate your college/classes? News flash I hated classes I had in college too and so did 99% of all students. Quit your bitching and sack up.

    CNBC sucks

    "This financial crisis is worse than a divorce. I've lost all my money, but the wife is still here." - Client after getting blown up

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    It's not hard - recruiting is retarded IMO.
    I go to a target and tick/exceed most/all their 'boxes' yet have probably landed less interviews then you cujo!

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    Hey have you tried transferring courses? Do they allow that at your school? Have you asked yourself what you really enjoy you in your life.

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    You sound like a whiny vagina. Do your shit and get the fuck out. If you can't fucking handle uni, good luck working a job. I mean putting shit in spreadshits all day isn't a fucking romantic walk in the park either.

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    Which uni? Intrigued as to which of the targets could be so bad, it would make a student hate the uni. My money's on Imperial.

    You know you've been working too hard when you stop dreaming about bottles of champagne and hordes of naked women, and start dreaming about conditonal formatting and circular references.

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    Iff i suck it up - how do I make my uni life less miserable though?

    Get laid.

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    Worst comes to worst, you could actually take a gap semester off and pile it up with as many part time jobs as possible. Then ask yourself, "is this what i wanna do for the rest of my life" ? "How far am I gonna proceed without a degree"?

    Or even better, take an off cycle internship in finance and try to relate it back to your studies (This is if your doing a finance degree). A lot of people says "what i learn in uni is not applicable to my work."But i beg to defer, its because most people don't like or dun even bother to do reflections."

    There are so many reasons why people choose to go to uni. 1) just to get laid upon, 2) some just love the parties 3) some just go to find a boyfren/girlfren, 4) some jus needs an iron rice bowl in life before they can take over their father/mother business. You just need to find a strong reason and commit towards it.

    Let people around know of your situation and seek waking up calls as well. Probably im not harsh enough to tell you to "man up" but people in this thread like SirTradesALot could do it.

    All the best ahead in 2013 and merry christmas!!!!

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    Carry on my waywArd son. There is peace where you belong.

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    Mate! As someone who's completed both undergrad and postgrad study in the UK I'd say just stick it out, get your 2.1/1st and secure a job that'll challenge you! The university experience is essentially the same everywhere in the UK so changing will not solve your problem.

    Perhaps a small holiday consisting mainly of heavy drinking and slags will perk you up! Blow off the steam, etc!

    You win a few, you loose a few, but you keep on fighting.

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    Why would you give up now? The past two years will be a waste of time. Nobody cares if you came close to finishing a degree. It only counts if you actually get it. You've invested two years of your life to something. Emotions come and go. Time doesn't. Don't just walk away from something because you feel like it. I repeat: Emotions come and go.

    If this was your freshman or sophomore year, I would highly encourage you to transfer (which I did and it was the best decision of my life), but that doesn't seem to be the ideal option at this point. Try to pinpoint WHY you don't like your school and see if there's anything you can do to solve it. Also, sometimes we just have to do things in life that we don't really want to do. School is often one of those.

    About the career thing... didn't we just talk about IBD vs. S&T? Why was that a topic if you don't want to pursue a career in the financial industry? Don't go into the industry if you really don't want to... you're going to invest a lot of time and energy that you will never get back and you'll be unhappier than ever if you truly don't want to be there or think it's worth it in the long run.

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    Hated my college as well. Looked for, and applied for, transfers. In the end I realized it's practically better that I get a degree from here. Now I'm glad I didn't transfer, but that took me 1.5 years to realize.
    My advice, just shut the fuck up and do what you gotta do for life. Don't complain. Just don't.

    "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." Maya Angelou.

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    To be honest, it might actually also be a little the uni, not just him. I went to a non-target and now I'm going to a target. At the non-target the courses weren't that good, but the teachers really put an effort into it and made you feel like you were important - and that you could ask questions and get help if you needed. Here at the target it's mostly like "I'm just here to do my job, try not to get in my way too much". I think you can find this attitude among target staff because they have a huge ego, for working at a target - and they think they have their academical career set for them. They think if you don't understand something, it's your fault, not theirs for not explaining it well enough. But employers are looking for students from this kind of universities. Maybe because someone who's toughened up will make a better employee. I would suggest focusing more on the finding a job, or the job you might do after graduating rather than the courses themselves. That's more important. And just get the grades and graduate, no matter how much you hate it.

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    You sound like a whiny vagina. Do your shit and get the fuck out. If you can't fucking handle uni, good luck working a job. I mean putting shit in spreadshits all day isn't a fucking romantic walk in the park either.

    Watch out everyone, weve got an internet tough guy.

    “...all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    - Schopenhauer

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    Double post

    “...all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    - Schopenhauer

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    Come to America! College kicks ass. Watch Animal House and use it as a blueprint to your college experience.

    Make opportunities. Not excuses.

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    Honestly the problem likely isn't the college (esp if its a target) but your mental health. I would try working on that rather than transferring or quitting. And as others have pointed out, a job isn't exactly more fun nor does it provide more freedom than a uni.

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    "That dude is so haole, he don't even have any breath left."