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What sectors will see a higher demand for employees and vice versa over the next ten years?

For example, many have been speculating that traders are a thing of the past due to a higher amount of automation and high-frequency trading.

What is going to be the "hot" area of the next decade and what area(s) will die out?

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    ditto. tech and energy will probably be the next drivers for growth. maybe add infrastructure/rail/transportation and utilities.

    man made the money, money never made the man

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    Infrastructure - rails, industrials, transports, consumer financing, utilties - all drivers of large scale growth.

    Tech as well.

    Fundamental knowledge of these areas will be very useful

    Areas going out of favor - not really sure, I think industry-wise all areas are great. But the equity-side of things is much more computer driven than the rest of them

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    This is within the context of the US and to a lessor degree other western nations. Some of these trends are applicable globally. As far as timing, some of these trends are already several years in, while others have a while until they hit critical mass.

    Traditional media

    Hot areas:
    Broader healthcare (nursing, managed care, technicians, etc)
    Alternative energy
    Services (specialized consulting, data systems, security, hr outsourcing, etc)
    Education (for-profit education, online, charter schools, etc)
    Health-focused foods and consumer products
    Longevity hedging/swaps
    Privatizations (look for broke governments to start pawning off assets)