Hi all,

I've seen a lot of discussion on PE FoF and PE secondaries on this forum these days.
I now have this opportunity to interview with a fairly large FoFs, but am having trouble prioritizing multiple opportunities on hand.
Here's 3 analyst positions (all in Asia) that are presented to me and I really need your view on which of these gives a more promising long-term career.
The first and the second are almost confirmed, the FoF is still in interview process.

1. Regional IB: The firm is not a global player, but has strong presence in the region (think CIMB, I am international student if you are wondering)

2. PE Secondaries: a fairly large PE secondaries investment firm with top-quartile AUM and global presence(think Adam Partners)

3. A Private Equity FoF: USD ~5B AUM, investment focus mainly in emerging markets

Any comment is welcomed!

P.S. I need to decided by this weekend. Thanks a lot! If you need more details on the firms, I can PM.
Hope this also provides helpful information for other job seekers this year. Job market is really tough these days.

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Would you elaborate a bit more? Thanks~





what's your reason for choosing 1? I am currently leaning 2, but would like to hear your idea?


2 is probably best as you will likely get direct company analysis opportunities when diligencing the portfolios that you are looking to acquire. Typically at a pure FOF you will diligence the manager's performance but not the underlying companies. You want direct company analysis opportunities as it will provide you with greater latitude of options later on.

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