CFA Training - Free Trial with Learn Signal for WSO Members

We're very happy to announce a new partnership for CFA training company Learn Signal.

From Learn Signal: We are focused on providing professional education courses to individuals looking to progress in their career. We believe that this will be achieved by creating engaging content on a platform that is designed with behavioral psychology in mind and data to make the study process for the student as effective as possible. Most importantly, we are focused on providing students with the most concise information possible.

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We have created a platform with a combination of videos and quizzes that we believe will provide a superior study experience to the current study packages in the market. Our content experts and in-house production team have focused on creating video material that is both engaging to watch and concisely covers the content. This matched with our built in quizzes means that we deliver a new more engaging study method than ever before.

A great advantage of creating an online study platform that is specifically created for online use, rather than pulled from a traditional class room method, is that it allows us to implement some software into the platform to enhance the study experience. As quizzes are completed we will be able to provide students with information about which areas are the strongest for the student and which areas need more work. We will also be able to remind students when a large amount of time has elapsed since they last focused on a subject and may need some revision.

This is a brand new business model, we focus on creating a high quality product that can scale, this allows us to offer a subscription price while also improving the quality of the content. This new model was created with the aim of providing students with the most concise & effective study product in the market and at a fraction of the price to our competitors.

Here is some of their new material up on youtube:

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