Abingworth Management Limited

Industry: Venture Capital

Annual Revenue Estimate: $10m+

AUM: $1bn-$2bn

Email Convention: [email protected]


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Abingworth specializes in early-stage biotechnology investment. We are committed to and understand scientific research and the routes to developing this into successful commercial activity. We are also able to consider investment in medical devices and health care services. Abingworth is interested in investing in any areas of biotechnology and the medical field, including devices, that have the potential for commercial success. The company has invested in platform and enabling technologies as well as in companies addressing product development opportunities in specific disease areas. Abingworth's investments generally range between $1-20 million averaging around $15 million per investment after all rounds of private financing. Abingworth can also put together a syndicate of investors to raise up to $50 million. The most important investment criteria are strong management and novel technology that offers a significant improvement over current approaches. When necessary, Abingworth can help to recruit the right management. People Abingworth invests in entrepreneurs with integrity and a proven track record of success. The ability to communicate ideas and articulate a clear vision is very important. Science Abingworth is committed to backing scientific excellence. Strong science applied in strategically important areas has a high chance of being funded. Market and Commercial Timing Timing can be crucial to the long-term success of an investment. Abingworth is keen to invest in companies with a leading technology position. Being first into a technology sector has key advantages, particularly in relation to intellectual property. Intellectual property Strong intellectual property and patents can be of critical importance in establishing technology leadership. However, we do not always require them to be in place when we invest. Co-investors It is important for us to work with a high quality group of co-investors who share our investment philosophy. Generally, Abingworth's approach is long-term and highly focused on science, management and technology. If like-minded investors are already in place, this increases the likelihood that Abingworth will invest.




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890 Winter Street, Waltham, MA, 02451, United States

+ 781 466 8800

Menlo Park

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3000 Sand Hill Road , Menlo Park, CA, 94025, United States

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38 Jermyn Street , London, SW1Y 6DN, United States

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