Consulting Analyst

1st Year Analyst
at Accenture

Group/Division/Type: Healthcare

City: San Francisco, United States

Interviewed: November 2013

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Interview Source

College / University / On Campus Recruiting

Length of Process

1-2 months

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?

Phone Interview1 on 1 InterviewBackground Check

Please describe the interview / hiring process.

The interview process consisted of 3 rounds. They are all behavioral, and I was surprised that there were no case interviews. The first round is a screening interview on campus to assess whether you are a fit in the company. They would typically just go over your resume to ensure you had a lot of technical experiences. Questions are mostly limited to your resume, followed by your interest in the company. You must demonstrate why you really want to work for Accenture. If you understand what makes Accenture different from the other consulting firms (in the sense that Accenture does implementation as well as advising), then you should be fine. The second round will be with 2 senior managers at the local office. Often times there will be a reception where you can mix and mingle with consultants and analysts before your interviews. Make sure you are social and ask a lot of questions. At the end of the day, your interviewers will ask those consultants and analysts what their impression of you was. Based on that, you will be graded and assigned points. Those points will count towards your overall score. As consultants, you need to be able to function in a lot of different social settings, such as working with diverse teams, meeting with the clients, and giving presentations. As such, Accenture expects you to be able to socialize easily. After the reception you will be called into a room with one of the senior managers. He or she will then briefly glance over your resume and ask you a few questions before diving into the behavioral interview. Questions could range from "Tell me about a time you were had something due the next day, but weren't able to deliver", to "Tell me about a time you had to work in a team, and your team members weren't pulling their weights". Pretty standard behavior questions, so as long as you prepare ahead of time, they shouldn't be difficult. A good resource to go to is glassdoor; they have a lot of questions and answers posted. The second interview is pretty much the same, just with another senior manager. You needed to earn a certain amount of points to move on to the next round (a combination of how well you performed in the interviews + the reception) The final interview usually means you almost got the offer. I believe for our school we had about 60 people get the first round interview, and 20 at the final round, with 16 people getting offers. Here you meet with the local managing directors who can make the final call on whether to hire you or not. I've heard a lot of different things about what they might ask you, but for me it was easy because I had already known the Managing Director from a networking event. From talking to others, it's a combination of a stress interview/more behavioral interviews. They basically look at what you've been asked before and hone in on where you didn't do so well. They then follow on that path and see if they can rattle you. If any of the previous interviewers gave you feedback on what to work on, make sure you work on that because I'll guarantee you, you'll be asked about your weaknesses. Overall, I think it was a pretty easy interview experience as there were no hard technical questions, or any case interviews.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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