Management Consulting Business Analyst

at Accenture

Group/Division/Type: Management Consulting

City: Washington, United States

Interviewed: June 2013

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3-4 months

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Phone Interview1 on 1 InterviewSkills TestPersonality Test

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Interview 1: 20 minute phone interview walking through your resume and work experience Interview(s) 2: Two case interviews approximately 1 h 30min long each, conducted over the phone by a manager and senior manager. I was given around 30 minutes between cases. Both cases were based on actually clients that the interviewers had and both were almost pure strategy. One of the interviewers also asked the basing behavioral questions as well. Basic calculation was used but mainly they were looking for a clear understanding of the problem (teasing out info with questions) and unique/creative strategic solutions justified by some sort of logical framework. These were tough but interesting cases and I liked that they weren't cookie cutter. Interview 3: Full day of interviews and info session. Another case interview with a senior manager which I did not enjoy at all. (Very unorthodox question that was completely open ended) Final interview was with a Director and included behavioral questions and some interesting logic questions. (Ex: You're riding up an elevator and you have 1 minute to convince the man standing next to you of something you feel passionate about. Follow-up question you have to argue the opposite point to the one you did before) All in all it was a long process and not a lot of fun. My recommendations would be to prepare well ahead of time. Unlike Deloitte and some other firms that have very structured questions that don't change very much from year to year, Accenture encourages all of its interviewers to build questions from their experiences with actual clients. This is cool because it means the questions are realistic and related to the work you would actually preform if hired but makes preparing for them difficult. Remember at the end of the day all you need to do is clearly articulate the problem and try to develop some sort of solution that is reasonably coherent and feasible. Be prepared to defend your conclusions as they will challenge them and ask good questions and you'll do fine.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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