Management Consulting Development Program Business Analyst

Associate Consultant
at Accenture

Group/Division/Type: Management Consulting

City: New York, United States

Interviewed: September 2013

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No Offer

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1-2 months

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1 on 1 InterviewGroup Interview

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I am apart of a program called 'JumpStart MBA' and they help students of color interested in finance and consulting break into those industries. I was forwarded the Accenture MCDP Business Analyst Superday announcement posting from my contact at JumpStart and applied online (they provided a specific event code for MLT and Jumpstart students). I was contacted by a recruiter that they needed my most current transcript, for some reason I could not upload it to the online application so I sent it via email to the recruiter. Two days later, September 19th I was notified that I had been invited to the SuperDay event in Chicago. I did not really have much time to prepare because I am also a senior and I was in the process of starting my senior thesis project but I flew out Wednesday morning since the event started that afternoon until Friday. After introductions we were separeted into groups, I was not sure what the basis was for the separation but there were alot of 'non-target' kids in my groups. First we had 1 on 1 interviews first with Recruiters, entry level Business Analysts, and several Consultants. Interviews lasted all day with some longer than others, but on average each interview was about 45 minutes-1hr, most of them were behavioral/fit questions. Day 2 was the toughest since it consisted of all case interviews. Overall I had three case interviews, two with Senior managers and one with a manager/Consultant. Each lasted about an 1hr and 30 minutes. I was given about 10 minutes to process the details of each case and write down whatever information I thought was important. A friend of mine who had gone through a similar process for a different company recommended that I work through the case out loud so my interviewers can see my reasoning and my abilities as a problem solver. One of my interviers was nice enough to answer questions when I had gotten stuck. Even though my interviewers were udnerstanding ( I come from a liberal arts background) and the recruiters were very friendly, I was not very confident of my performance. I did not anticipate the difficulty of the case interviews. I was notified a week after I had gotten back on campus that they were not advancing me to the next round. I did appreciate the trip to Chicago, meeting other students, and being off campus for a few days.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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