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City: Chicago, United States

Interviewed: January 2013

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I received the interview through placing as a finalist as part of an on-campus case competition hosted by Accenture. This accounted for roughly 8 of the interview spots; an additional 4 were given by the standard campus resume-drop process. Accenture assigns an "Accenture Buddy" for potential analysts who is a graduate from the school and I believe a first or second year analyst or consultant. This person contacts the interviewee and gives tips on the interview, and even ran me through a case. The night before the interview there was a dinner reception where we got to meet current Accenture employees, including the people who would interview us. This year there was only a final round interview on campus at my college. This consisted of two back-to-back hour long interviews. The format was a standard consulting interview, with roughly 15 minutes of fit and 45 minutes slotted for the case. The time for the case was allocated longer because Accenture's cases are more free-flowing than other consulting companies, in my experience. In addition, the interviews were held in rooms with white-boards. I initially did not realize this, but the expectation was for me to work through a case as if it were a real presentation, and put some sort of work on the white-board.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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