Summer Management Consulting Associate

at Accenture


City: Ann Arbor, United States

Interviewed: January 2012

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College / University / On Campus Recruiting

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Less than 1 month

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1 on 1 Interview

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initial company presentation with the school of public health, consisted also of coffee chats with exisiting MD and consultant. Took out first round interviewees to dinner the night before interviews. First round was two case interviews, 45 minutes each with a little bit of fit. all related to healthcare. first was a large pharmacy considering growing into offering healthcare services, what should they consider. also some fit, tell me about yourself. second was considering a value prop for diabetes between a pharma company and a large hospital system. got an invitation back for second round which was similar to first. 2 case interviews, first was how should an insurance company consider direct to consumer marketing of a new plan. second was how should a large system consolidate their inorganic growth, decrease AR days and increase quality, maintain hospital mission. the people overall were great, had a lot of contacts at accenture, apparently i just didn't "fit" with their business needs. unfortunately, they didn't give much feedback on the interviews but everyone was conversational, easy to talk to, interviewers weren't very tough or mean. recruiters were great.

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