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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2020 2nd Year Associate New York Credit Excellent quality of colleagues. Bright people. Good ideas… Nothing major. Lots of different business areas means it…
2020 Vice President Chicago Middle Market The firm fosters a strong learning environment and values… Satellite offices are not well integrated with HQ which I…
2019 1st Year Associate Boston Fixed Income Best culture I've seen across the industry based on… Credit group is turning more into an asset accumulator, so…
2019 1st Year Associate Hong Kong Private Equity Nothing much. Solid diligence learning experience but… Overly rigorous. Asia fund has really mediocre deal flow…
2020 Summer Associate Intern New yOrk Leveraged Finance Get the chance to work with very smart colleagues and tons… Many long days and nights with little to show for it in the…
2019 2nd Year Analyst Boston Credit - Own your own analysis and company coverage
- PM's can be afraid to take concentrated risks in…
2018 Investment Analyst Boston Investment Research Great learning experience - understood the importance of… No cons - management was supportive, willing to teach, and…
2019 1st Year Associate Munich Generalist Good and fun colleagues, lot of going outs, parties
rather poor development upwards - small company, tough to…
2018 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist Compensation including yearly bonus and profit sharing plan… Expectation to always be available. Inexperienced and hands…
2018 1st Year Associate Munich Mergers and Acquisitions Interesting projects
Good salary
Quite hierarchical and tough to land a senior job. For…
2018 1st Year Associate Sydney N/A * Challenging work and scope to take on responsibility… * Long hours. Though not as long or unpredictable as…
2018 2nd Year Analyst Boston Generalist Great benefits. Lots of work delegated to junior associates… Long hours can be expected. Need to be detail oriented.…
2017 2nd Year Associate Boston N/A Good work life balance and level of responsibility
There is a fair amount of bureaucracy, but sometimes that…
2018 1st Year Analyst MUMBAI N/A Very good place to work. Mid Market private equity where… Not much. The pay is quite good. And the learning…
2018 1st Year Analyst Philadelphia Generalist Great company with excellent facilities and above average… Beware of joining IT Development. Initial salary and…
2016 1st Year Associate Tokyo Autos Money is not bad considering the working hour compared to… Work itself is boring. Since we basically only focusing…
2018 1st Year Associate London Generalist Great quality of team members
Great brand and access…
Very long hours and high number of deals
2017 2nd Year Associate Boston Private Equity Very smart and motivate colleagues. High level of… Some members of team are introverted and difficult to mesh…
2017 1st Year Associate Boston Private Equity Company is great and have very interesting work, much… Still process oriented and lots of work similar to…
2017 2nd Year Associate london Generalist culture/people… culture
job stimulating…
2017 Intern Boston Investments The people are really friendly and smart. You can ask… There can be a sense of artificiality in the office, and…
2016 1st Year Analyst Boston Industrials Strong culture of respecting work life balance. Very… Overall, the biggest con is the consulting aspect - still a…
2017 Intern Boston Credit Incredibly smart people. Great perks in terms of company… Work can be fairly research-focused, especially at the…


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