Client Business

1st Year Analyst
at BlackRock

Group/Division/Type: Sales

City: NYC, NY, USA, United States

Interviewed: April 2018

Overall experience

Very Positive



General Interview Information


Accepted Offer

Interview Source

Applied Online

Length of Process

1-2 months

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?

1 on 1 InterviewOther

Please describe the interview / hiring process.

First you apply online through their careers website. You submit a resume (and surprisingly no transcript). Second, you get an invitation to submit an online cover letter, where you get asked 2-3 questions and you have 30 seconds to prepare and 1-2 minutes to answer. It's a different set of questions every year so make sure you do a bit of research beforehand to know what questions they are going to ask and how to answer them. After that, they will review your application, if they like you, you have 1:1 online interview with an analyst. Questions are almost entirely behavioural, go through your resume and have answers ready. Final round is with the management, MDs, VPs, ets. Similar to the round before but know a bit about the markets.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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How did you answer each of these questions (please be specific)?

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