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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2021 1st Year Analyst Princeton Sales Great work life balance and benefits. Princeton is a… Not much for internal career trajectory. They don't…
2018 Associate Consultant New York Marketing - Wide variety of unlimited snacks, drinks (fresh coffee,… - High turnover
- Seems that upward mobility is…
2013 Intern New York Marketing Very eager to help with promoting you/networking in the… Only looking for sign-ups, not worried about campus…
2017 Intern London Sales Was my first experience close to the financial industry so… Not actually about finance, it was more tech and sales…
2020 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist -Decent work life balance for a junior analyst, working… -Get stretched thin with mind numbing data quality work…
2020 Other NY Strategy and Operations Above average Pay, 4 weeks of vacation to start,… Shrouded is pay adjustments. Hard to climb up the ladder…
2020 1st Year Analyst London N/A Good teams/ good culture and environment not too much work… Limited exit opportunities I guess, perhaps in the…
2020 Engineer New York City Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Haven't started yet. Good salary though. Can update… Haven't started yet. Good salary though. Can update…
2019 Consultant Princeton Global Data The cafeteria is great. Free food, coffee, soda, snacks all… -Potential to get pigeonholed, only one or two groups have…
2019 1st Year Analyst Princeton Generalist A lot to learn, good perks (free lunch) and very good… The work isn’t the most exciting. A lot of data entry and…
2020 Intern Princeton Generalist Good teams, good mentorship.… Little to no exit opps in asset management. Very back…
2020 Engineer New York N/A -Work culture and work life balance is very good.
-Work can be slow/boring.
-Engineering quality is…
2020 Intern Princeton Equity Research Great Management
Good hours, great benefits
pay is a little low for industry
upward mobility is…
2020 Associate Manager New York Generalist High work life balance, high growth for the first few years… A decent amount of bureaucracy, office politics is…
2020 Intern New York Equity Capital Markets Very flat structure.
Each and every employee has…
The tech stack is slightly outdated.
They use…
2015 Summer Associate Intern Princeton Transportation Great culture, the cafateria and snacks (both free) are… Did not really get the chance to interact with clients much…
2019 1st Year Analyst Princeton N/A The benefits are pretty good in terms of healthcare and… Overtime pay scale is half of your actual hourly wage. Pay…
2018 3rd+ Year Analyst New York, NY, USA N/A Very good work life balance, and the benefits rival that of… It is very difficult to get into the more interesting roles…
2020 Engineer New York Software Combining the best of the financial and technological… Doesn't feel supportive of experienced/older employees…
2017 Portfolio Manager New York Power People below senior level management actually care about… People above senior level management don't care about…
2019 2nd Year Analyst London Consulting - Steep learning curve with a structured learning program… - Very low bonus (almost non-existent)
- Although…
2018 Other New York N/A Great perks, free food, overall great environment to work… Relatively repetitive work, with some downtime during some…
2020 Manager New York Fixed Income Great snacks, free coffee, nice views from the 29th floor.… Very political at times. Management is not very forgiving…
2013 1st Year Analyst New York N/A Good place to work right out of college. Great benefits.… Mundane work. Highly limited upward mobility. Extremely…


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