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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2018 Intern Chicago Commodities Really great people got access to the trade floor and got… Kind of ended up networking with the same analysts over and…
2020 1st Year Analyst chicago N/A A lot of opportunities to learn. Unlike other industry… You cannot select your desk for your first year. I think it…
2016 Student / Prospective Monkey Canary Wharf Generalist Great friendly staff to work with, really enjoyed the tasks… Sometimes, work given is challenging but ultimately don…
2017 Summer Associate Intern London Energy The work hours were very manageable and the company culture… Poor quality of training, I was asked to do a lot of the…
2019 1st Year Analyst Chicago Sales and Trading Work culture is pretty good
People in the office…
Salary feels pretty middle of the road to me
2020 Intern Chicago Credit Risk BP culture is very solid. Lots of visibility with… Risk side is very dependent on the group you're in.…
2017 Other London Oil & Gas Good company to work for with abundance of opportunities… Company very focused on career development for various grad…
2020 1st Year Analyst Houston Energy Great culture. Driven, but also good to be around. Everyone… Big firm, so can be slow moving. There is no skipping steps…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Houston Oil & Gas Fantastic environment that truly prizes its employees.… Large company. Sometimes easy to get lost. Does not allow…
2019 Intern Houston Oil & Gas I thought that line managers and immediate leadership does… Only half the interns get return offers, pay is average,…
2018 1st Year Analyst Houston Oil & Gas Decent Culture, Decent Pay, Decent work-life balance… It's a good place to be overall, but not amazing per…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Houston Oil & Gas - great learning opportunity
- exposure to…
- not enough work
- unrespected upper-level…
2019 Intern Singapore Oil & Gas Very good working environment, competitive pay, good pantry… Very long working hours, competition is tough, the…
2015 Intern London Oil & Gas decent exposure to various upstream and downstream… not enough actual training, very basic concepts
2018 Intern Chicago Trading Good pay and benefits. Interns are given very nice housing… The culture was just ok. They didn't have a good full-…
2018 Director Houston Oil & Gas Great Company to work for. I would highly recommend… None…
2017 Developer Chicago Oil and Gas Laid back, work on trade floor, high salary, big bonus,… None really, a bit political but no more than you would…
2017 Intern Houston Energy Questions are welcome across all departments. You get to… a lot of information if you don't have the experience…
2001 Intern Houston Investment Banking
2003 BP Chicago Life Sciences A good training to transfer to other energy companies. You work is not always appreciated.
2008 N/A Chicago Commodities Great place to get your feet wet in Oil & Gas and other… The favored ones reap all the benefits, regardless of…
2008 N/A Chicago Commodities Great place to get your feet wet in Oil & Gas and other… The favored ones reap all the benefits, regardless of…
2014 Intern Houston Oil and Gas -Good work life balance
-Everyone on the trading…
-Need to be very efficient in excel
2014 Intern Houston Oil and Gas -Good work life balance
-Everyone on the trading…
-Need to be very efficient in excel


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