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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2020 3rd+ Year Analyst London Real Estate - Lean, collaborative teams
- Heavy responsibility…
- Lots of mid-level employees, making promotions beyond…
2019 1st Year Analyst Washington Real Estate Hours are regular and flexible, able to work from home… Could be paid more, IC should listen more and needs to be…
2017 2nd Year Analyst Shanghai Generalist Large and stable international platform with diversified… New platform in China with a lot to work internally to gain…
2018 Intern Toronto Asset Management Really great people to work with, interesting work if… Not a lot of time or attention to training or giving…
2018 Intern Toronto Private Wealth Management Flat organizational structure, good senior leadership,… For my particular intern position, there wasn't there…
2018 Intern New York Real Estate Great experience. Competent colleagues. Traditional NYC… Limited return offers. Really have to fight to be staffed…
2019 1st Year Analyst Chicago Real Estate I loved working there. Tons of resources and talent. It is… There aren’t many cons. These people are the best and…
2019 1st Year Associate New York Generalist Good culture with opportunity to rise quickly with hard… Bonuses are on the lower side. Company has been growing…
2019 1st Year Analyst New York Investment Banking great work environment, challenging mandates, room for… long hours, not great personal tech budget, travel required…
2019 2nd Year Analyst Chicago Commercial Great work life balance, group management is good and does… Stock purchase plan is only reserved for directors of above…
2019 Intern New York City Generalist Great company to work for. Everyone is very smart and… Recruiting into full time is a bit challenging. Interns…
2018 1st Year Analyst Chicago Real Estate People are mostly nice and willing to help, hours are very… Lack of communication between upper and lower levels,…
2019 Managing Director New York Private Equity Great environment, with people coming to the office happy… Compensation could be better. More opportunities to work…
2019 2nd Year Analyst London Real Estate High level of responsibility is given to analysts from day… Poor communication from a senior level and feels like a lot…
2018 1st Year Analyst Chicago Real Estate great leadership. flat structure, intelligent employees… very corporate, lack of risk taking, better stock plan and…
2019 2nd Year Analyst London Real Estate Great place to work
They really know how to nurture…
Occasionally there can be a lack of communication however…
2016 Intern Ottawa, ON, Canada Commodities Very good atmosphere and company. The trading floor was… My only dislike was the limitations on intern accounts for…
2018 Assistant Vice President New York Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) great environment to work and experience corporate level… leadership can be more effective. senior management…
2018 Intern Atlanta Real Estate Brookfield is an amazing company with great people and fast… None in particular…
2018 2nd Year Associate New york Sales Room for growth withon group or ability to move to other… Compensation not as competitive as other firms, manager…
2018 Intern New York Generalist Great place to intern in New York City. Culture and people… I have no cons with this internship or company. I had a…
2016 2nd Year Associate Singapore Real Estate Team is very nice and open, head is very well connected in… A lot of hierachs within company, inefficient in terms of…
2017 2nd Year Analyst Sydney Infrastructure Great deal flow, exclusive deals which cover many sectors… Culture is a bit dry, people are workaholics and don't…
2014 Intern new york Real Estate - Strong and reputable brand name
- Top talent…
- Corporate culture, as is in-place with most corporations…


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