Operations Specialist

1st Year Analyst
at Brown Brothers Harriman

Group/Division/Type: FX Sales

City: New York, United States

Interviewed: May 2013

Overall experience

Very Negative


Very Easy

General Interview Information


Accepted Offer

Interview Source


Length of Process

Less than 1 month

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?

1 on 1 Interview

Please describe the interview / hiring process.

I was contacted about the position by a recruiter that I had been in touch with regarding previous BBH positions. After he submitted my resume to them, I was asked to come in for an interview. I was scheduled to have back-to-back 1 on 1 interviews. I waited in the HR department until I was brought into my first interview. My interviewer was very friendly. She explained the FX Operations department to me and the various positions within it. The interview was very conversational. While I was asked to tell her about certain experiences on my resume, it was mostly just a flowing, friendly conversation. After about 35 minutes, the first interviewer had to leave and the 2nd interviewer came into the room. First thing she said was, now that you know about the position, does it sound like something you would be interested in? Again, it was pretty much a flowing and friendly conversation. Asked me specifically about one experience and about my interests on my resume, but other than that she was very friendly and talkative, which made it very easy for me. A few days after the interviews, the recruiter called me and told me that they wanted to extend an offer to me pending a background check. I went into the city for finger printing and to fill out paper work and get drug testing papers and that was it.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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