Senior Analyst

2nd Year Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Real Estate

District of Columbia,
United States

Interviewed: June 2018

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Employee Referral

Length of Process

1-2 months

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Phone Interview
1 on 1 Interview
Background Check
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The interview process was pretty straightforward. I knew someone internally who referred me to the hiring manager, so I presume that was helpful instead of applying directly. I did have to actually apply for the role, but as a formality. After that, I was contacted by HR to a very quick and informal informational interview. After passing the HR sniff test, there were a few more rounds with the hiring manager and potential other future colleagues.

A first round consisted of a phone conversation directly with the hiring manager that lasted about 30 minutes. This was mostly a resume walk through to get comfortable with my experiences and how they applied to the open role. This was a very easy conversation and there were no questions that tripped me up. It helps, in any interview scenario, to know your resume cold and also different situations you might need to talk to.

A short time later I was invited into the office. There was a second round in which I met with three individuals separately for about 30 minutes each. One of the individuals was the hiring manager, so this was the second conversation with them. All three interviews were similar to the first round, except the hiring manager got a little more in depth about my experiences and how I could be as asset to the team. No skills test in this interview and nothing super technical.

A third round in-person was scheduled off-site which was more of a conversational "let's get to know each other" lunch interview as opposed to a technical skills tests or in-office interview. This was very informal, but still professional, and the topics discussed were more macro in nature (i.e. what are your thoughts on X scenario?). At this point, I believe we were about 1.5 months into the process. It was during the summer months so scheduling was trickier for the in-person meetings.

A final round was with the leader of the group via phone. At that point, this felt to be more of a "check the box" test and was more for fit. The conversation was very light and nothing technical. This definitely was a fit test. The conversation lasted about 25-30 minutes.

Overall, the process was pretty straightforward and easy. Communication was pretty good all throughout the process and there was nothing unexpected. My in-person interviews were during the summer months, so the office setting was quiet when I went in, but that was expected and I didn't really get a sense of the culture or office environment aside from people being able to enjoy their time off (or at least work remotely).

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