Careers Opportunities & Rotational Experiences (CORE) Finance Program

1st Year Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)

Los Angeles, CA
United States

Interviewed: 2015

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Overall, the process was very easy. My school recruits heavily for investment banking as well as consulting so Comcast NBC was grabbing anyone they could find.

I first made contact with them at a Career Fair where they had a booth setup manned by recent grads who were in the CORE program. I talked to them briefly about their experiences and sign-up for more info.

I was the invited to a information seminar where they went more in-depth on the program and as well as the hiring process. It went like this :
1st round interviews on campus
2nd and final round interviews took place at the Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia

I was given the chance for first round interviews but an informal dinner with other applicants took place at a local restaurant. Current grads in the program as well as a few executives were present at the dinner where we mostly talked about Hollywood since that was most applicants purpose of applying to Comcast NBC.

My first round interviews with a senior and junior level execs was 25 mins. behind. Apparently, the first applicant was late, yet the executives decided to do the full 30 minute interview. My interview was very informational as most 1st round interviews are yet only lasted 15 mins. due to the time disruptions. No technical questions were asked and since we spent the prior night getting to know one another informally, we discussed my most recent internship that was at another entertainment company. We discussed a lot about Comcast integrating their technology with NBC Universal content and more general and broad entertainment industry insights. Again, interview was cut short and wasn't allowed to ask any questions of my own. Since my interview was on the end of their run, I believed they had already decided prior to my own interview who they wanted to send to the 2nd round.

Adding the Career Fair, the info session, and the applicants dinner all for a very poorly ran 15 min interview with obviously content executives; I say apply with caution.

My advice: It's a corporate finance/development program so they do not expect you to know who directed Universal's highest grossing films or how much a Comcast broadband plan cost. But understanding how the two company's compliment one another and how they could leverage one another is very key to qualifying the jobs of your interviewers.

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