CSX Financial Leadership Development Program

1st Year Analyst
at CSX Transportation

Group/Division/Type: Corporate Finance

City: Jacksonville, United States

Interviewed: November 2019

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No Offer

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Length of Process

2-3 months

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Please describe the interview / hiring process.

First was a phone interview with the following questions: How do you know about CSX? Walk me through your resume? Special Tie to Jacksonville? What about the role? If given two investment options, how would you go about determining which one to choose? The Second Interview was at the office with 3 panels. The first panel you present a case study where you assess a lemon and lime company. One of their plants has recently burned down and you must decide whether to rebuild it in California or move it to Mexico. Also you can add to build one in Florida. (TIP: Take the 20 million insurance policy from the plant burning down. It is risk free, or at least mention that as something you considered TIP 2: Look at the fed funds rate during the time of the case as borrowing is very cheap). They want you to be concise and relatively high level, do not get into the weeds You must consider the following during the case: 1.Do you think U.S. L&L should rebuild its California plant (either in California or in Mexico)? 2. Does it make sense for U.S. L&L to invest in the new Palatka plant? What are the implications of expanding from the traditional lemon and lime product line? 3. How do you think Wall Street will react to your decisions regarding the California and Palatka plants? 4. Provide a brief assessment of the financial state of U.S. L&L if they followed your recommendations. The other two panels were all behavioral questions such as: Have you ever dealt with an unethical coworker and how did you handle it? You are assigned to a certain task you do not know how to do.. How would you go about doing it? Tell us about a time when you have to manage a lot of deadlines? Tell us about a time you have a gather and organize a lot of data? How would you manage conflict on your team? What is an innovative idea you have had? If you got through these two round then you went onto one more interview with the CFO.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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